Por Que Professor Precisa Estudar

First video of 2017, I’m Jeronimo Marana, martial arts teacher. And New Year’s Eve is a time when people establish… Most of the people establish goals, make plans, promises, that are not necessarily fulfilled, but it doesn’t matter right now, for the starting year. And some of these plans can be start a diet, enter a gym, stop being sedentary and even enroll into a martial arts school. And if this is your case, is important that you have some criteria so that you can identify a good teacher or a teacher that pleases you. Because of this i’ve been sharing some criteria that I consider important and in this video I will talk about one more. Before anything, I want to emphasize that not all the teachers will meet all of my criteria, this is normal, but the most criteria, if you choose to follow mine, the more criteria this teacher meet is better. If he/she meet all of them, this is the best. The problem is when he/she doesn’t meet any of them or meet just a few. And the criterion I will talk about today is one that can solve the problema of lacking many others criteria that I will talk about later or have talked until now. And the critorion of today’s video is keep studying. So, is importante that teachers study topics related to teaching of martial art – I mean, content related to the act of teaching, because sometimes, teachers exercise functions that aren’t functions of teachers, for example, administrate his/her own martial arts school, which is common among teacher, actually I believe that most of the teacher who has their own school are also who manage the school. So, is important for this teacher to have this kind of knowledge, about managing, but it’s a knowledge that is not related to the function of a teacher, which is teaching. Then, the topics that teachers must study, when thinking about teaching, are obviously related to teaching, I’m even being redundant here. Well, so what are these topics? There is many subjects that can be related to martial arts, I’ll not quote all of them in this video, if you want to get a little deeper into it, knowing what are the other contents I consider relevant, you can access my article, which link is above. In my article there is several of these contents. But in this video I’ll say the main, those related more directly and with the training in martial arts. Then, what are them? Well, firts is important for teacher to have some knowledge in anatomy and fisiology, which are knowledge about body parts and its functions, how does the body systems work, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, skeletal systems… Endocrine system, because is important to know what happens during exercise in relation to hormone release. These are relevant kinds of knowledge. There is more, like biomechanics and kinesiology, which are study of movement itself. Biomechanics is nothing more than physics applied to human body, so if teacher could study a little of physics and try to apply it to martial arts moves, is already good. So, having some basic knowledge in these 4 topics I just spoke, the teacher is able to propose exercises and training methods that will, firstly, ensure the students to reach their desired goals and the objectives proposed, and second, preserve their students’ health, preventing them from having injuries, which is another of my criteria, that I’ll talk about in the future. And last, the 5th topic I will mention ins this video is directly related to martial arts, which is the sudy of theory. Is necessary for teacher to study the theory of his/her own martial art – at least – and is also very good to study other martial arts theories, is good for comparing with one’s own martial art, to see what is better, what is worst, what can be assimilated from others, what are the similarities, what are the diferences. So, teachers must study theory of their own martial art so that what he/she teaches makes sens, because unfortunately, at least in Brazil – I don’t know how it is out of here, at least I didn’t have the experience of seing how it is out of Brazil, I just hear about -, but at least here in our country is very common teachers teaching a bunch of movements and exercises with no conection one to another, so martial arts end up getting a very abstract thing and becoming merely an exchange of strykes to see who hits more and who hits less. So it is important to study martial arts theory, because this way, knowing how does things work, why doing a certain thing in a given moment, why doing something in such a manner instead of another, will help to realize all the techniques and make them possible to be applied, because without study of theory many things that are taught end up not working in reality. Then, many people, even because they don’t understand theory, dosn’t really believe in their own martial art, because they don’t know, they don’t see how to apply all of that in reality. So, is important to study theory to be able to make everything to work. But, at this point you may be thingking “ok. But how do I know wheter my teacher is studying?” Because I can’t watch my teacher all day and check wheter he/she is sudying or not”. But this is something very easy to be solved, because who studies a lot about a given issue, loves to talk about it, loves to answear quastions. So, make questions to your teachers, see their answears, if you are satisfied with their answears or not, because in their answears you can see whether teachers ares studying. So, if you’re satisfied with the answear, it shows that this person studies a lot, if you don’t, maybe this person is fooling you and maybe would be better for you to search in somewhere else. So, that’s it, I hope you have enjoyed this video, if you did thumbs up and leave your comments. If you believe this content to be relevant, share it so that it can eventually help people who may be seeking for some martial arts teacher and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and activate the notification to be notified about new content. And, befor I forget – I was almost forgetting -, in this video’s description there’s a link through which you can add subtitles in the language you know, in case you believe it would be good for people to other countries, who speaks other languages, to have access to this content. In case you want and you can help, the link is down in the description, as for this video, as for contributing with other videos from this channel. So that’s all, thank you so much and I see you next video. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

3 Replies to “Por Que Professor Precisa Estudar

  1. "São a fisiologia, anatomia, biomecânica, cinesiologia e, claro, filosofia e teoria das artes marciais que merecem um espaço destacado neste artigo."

    Não sou professor,mas,tenho interesse no estudo para comeplementar minha arte marcial. Você sabe del livros,artigos ou qualquer coisa disponivel na internet para poder começar? De preferencia,sobre cada um dos tópicos mencionados.

  2. Nós professores precisamos estudar sempre, sempre e sempre, nunca podemos nos dar por saciados em relação a busca pelo conhecimento. Sobre os conhecimentos de fisiologia do exercício, acredito que se fizermos uma pesquisa no país sobre o assunto a minoria se capacitou nesse quesito acredito eu.

  3. Não existe professor burro, o que existe são burros que se auto intitulam professores.
    Infelizmente fui vitima de um desses.

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