‘Popeye’ bodybuilder with huge biceps has to tap out of MMA bout in three minutes

 A Russian bodybuilder known as ‘Popeye’ because of his huge biceps had to tap out of an MMA fight just three minutes in after he was pinned down  Kirill Tereshin developed huge Popeye-like arms by injecting his muscles with highly dangerous synthol  But his oversized guns didn’t help him much when he fought Russian blogger Oleg Mongol at a gym in the city of Abakan in the Russian Republic of Khakassia  Former soldier Tereshin rocked Mongol early in the bout with a few punches.  But, clearly not up for any more punishment, Mongol knocked him down and pinned him, forcing him to tap out    Earlier this year, Tereshin was defeated by Russian slapping champion Vasiliy ‘The Dumpling’ Kamotskiy  The Dumpling sent Tereshin sprawling to the floor with his first hit, winning the contest  Tereshin has been warned that synthol can cause pulmonary embolisms, nerve damage, infections, sclerosing lipogranuloma, stroke and oil-filled cysts or ulcers in the muscle  He was warned earlier this year that he may even need to have his arms amputated  Doctor Yuriy Serebryanskiny said that his bodybuilding obsession could end in disaster  He said: “He could lose movement in his arms, the muscles could turn into ballast that he won’t be able to use to lift things He could end up disabled.”  And professional powerlifter Kirill Sychev agreed, stating: “You can see it in his face, there is something unhealthy about it  “This is a person, who needs complex medical help. Not just to drain his arms and detox his blood, but also psychiatric help ”

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