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Hi guys and welcome on our YouTube channel In this clip I want to show you a short application of a hand-release technique with my son Maxi, my wife and Andi I hope you like this clip, it’s a clip for kids Do you like it? Yeah he likes that! We are not pressuring him and I hope you like the technique. My wife will show you the details. If you like the video, please share it and have fun training. Thanks for watching and see you soon Okay, so we want to show you that children can increase their chances of defending themselves when they are being attacked or grabbed by adults What Maxi does, he does a simple hand-release technique and then gives a signal: He says STOP and perhaps he also needs to do a kick to the groin so he will show it to you slowly STOP So you see, he just does the hand-release technique and takes some steps back or he can also add something more aggressive STOP and what also needs to follow, which we train every time, is that he needs to flee to run away, because this is the most important thing about self-defence for kids Run and get out of that situation I will show you now the details of the technique it is a simple hand/wrist-release When he grabs my wrist, I take my own hand and I pull towards my own body I can generate more power when I use my whole body to pull my hand out of his grip and then it is very important to go back, raise your arms and say STOP It is also essential to tell your children to be loud when it’s possible and needed I will show you once again When he grabs my wrist, I take my own hand and pull it towards my body and then I go back Now I will tell you more about the kick It is important to attack the weak spots We always tell the children to attack the groin and the face, if they can reach it In this case he kicks to the groin and then the release is very easy and then he runs That’s it from us – I hope you like our clip and you enjoyed it If you liked it leave us a comment below and let us know, then we will do more of these clips Leave us a thumbs up and maybe even share the video! Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe, see you soon and bye-bye

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  1. You have a beautiful family , but to teach a kid to kick an adult is unrealistic . Real life scenario , he will only make the attacker mad . Run screaming his head of is the only SD a kid can apply

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