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Hi guys and welcome again! I’m Peter! First: I know my English is really really poor.
But I hope with my techniques and my movements, you are able to learn the techniques that I am showing in this clip. Secondly, We will show you a really easy technique when being attacked from the front. Defending yourself with a backpack like this So usually you train in your gym or at home. So you would train without props and here we are training with a bag. So a lot of people have a bag on them when they are walking down the street. And so that’s the point: I use that for my self-defense. We created a system like that years ago Defense with daily objects – We call it S.D.S. Concept – and this is one part of it What is the idea behind that? Through using an object you have more power and it is more safe for yourself. but it is important to have a bit of information about how to use these objects and in which way you can apply it when you need it First: if you have a bag like that and you are wearing it like that it is really hard to use it in a self-defense situation So sometimes, if I already feel he might be aggressive You see what I do. First I get my hands out like that. You see now they are free and from here I go and immediately – stay, stay – Immediately into my ready position, so I can hold the bag in front of me or hold it like that So if I don’t like to fight with it, I can just drop it or I use it as my defense. So here this part is soft I use that, really simple, You see when I’m like that and I see he is aggressive, I use this arm and then I slide it over here. Then I have a good grip and I use it like a shield. So it’s not really painful for him, but it’s a different way to block, instead using my arm So if he attacks with a round attack, you see: I use it like that I bring my head in this position and I put my arms up like a roof. This is really important I don’t do that, because if he has a weapon, he can still reach my face. From here I can create distance and have a good position to go in with that Yes, the next one. I use also my legs. You see if he attacks I kick to the groin So it’s an upward kick to the groin, this is immediately effective. Yes, so when he attacks And from here, I can hit like that. I can smash like that I can use a knee strike, I can hit with my hammer fist, whatever I want. Again: so I have here my bag First when I feel he’s aggressive maybe we walk and he hits me like that So you see I change the position of my bag immediately like that. If he attacks me See it’s really really fast and effective. Yeah, so I can show you this with another bag, it is the same variation So you see, I have another bag here. First I grab with my right hand and slide Here again and grab here Really simple. That’s it, nothing more. See I’m here I create distance and I’m here. When he attacks I use it, remember, I kick and do that – it is really really easy. You don’t need to be a great martial artist for that or any foundational knowledge, it’s really simple First you grab the bag If you got it on your back, it’s the same So when I feel he’s coming, I let go and use the grip go there immediately So don’t look at your bag, always keep your eyes on the aggressor You’ve got a good grip here, either a little lower or higher up depending on what you want to do. When he attacks I go under there. So we have one line then I press a little bit forward the same moment when he stays with his arm or goes back again I kick him with an upward kick. Yes, you can hit with your shin or your foot He will go down and in is a really good position, so you can use again your bag or your knee or your hammerfist Yeah that’s it from us. In the next clip I will show you another variation Maybe the attacker comes from behind or with another object. I hope you like this clip, if so you can share it.
Thanks for watching See you soon and Bye Bye

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  1. Your English is great! I wish I could fly over and train with you with pistols. I'm too broke after 28 yrs and several years in spec ops 160th SOAR to wrestle around. I guess I'll stick to my CQC shooting. Keep up the great work!

  2. ใŠใ‚‚ใ—ใ‚ใ‹ใฃใŸใงใ™ใ€

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