Peter Weckauf | SAMICS | Tipps und Trainingsideen zum Schlagen im Infight (Deutsch)

Hi! You want to learn how to punch in an in-fight distance? Then we might have the thing for you! Welcome to SAMI Combat Systems My name is Peter Weckauf and in this clip I want to show you how to train punching when you are in an in-fight distance This is very different to boxing I will show you exercises, which you can train on your own and give you the reasons why you have to change you punches in an in-fight to still punch correctly Through our YouTube Channel you can train outside the gym meaning you can train all of our exercises at home I will show you exercises you can train with your partner or on your own Ideally you own a bit of equipment. I will show you what you need later and then you can start right away if you want to see more of our clips, like this video and subscribe to our channel Do you still want to see more, then check out our distance-training, where you can find over 3000 clips on different topics I hope you have fun and now we’re getting started! First I want to talk about the different distances We have got the „long distance“ the „middle distance“ and the „short distance“ Today we work in the short distance using the upper cut and the hook The classic upper cut we know from boxing is hit from this position upwards which means I am rather close and I use it when I am in a middle distance The problem that occurs is that when I am in a short distance I can’t make the best use of this punch anymore What exactly is the „short distance“ to us? We grab the opponent and we want to punch from here And if we use classical boxing techniques from this position, it is possible that I will hurt myself easier and my punches are not as effective I will show it to you on our head-dummy which I can grab like this and then punch The dummy is almost as hard as a real head, so you can also get a feeling for your punches without gloves I am showing it to you when I got my opponent in a headlock and we want to use the upper cut as you can see I don’t have the space to reach back I let my fist fall as if I was doing a normal upper cut and then I punch into this part and what is happening is that we hit with this part of our fingers which of course isn’t ideal and it is easy to get hurt like that We are now changing this punch We reposition the punch a little lower and now I turn my fist not in this direction, but to the other side, so the back of my hand faces upwards, and like this I reach my opponents vital spots with my knuckles e.g. his eye-socket and my risk of injury is way lower that e.g. is already a huge difference to normal boxing We have to adjust the techniques to the situations When we are in a sporting competition we use gloves as protection and different distances and also an important point we are not allowed to clinch and punch like that On the street it is different, anything could happen and you get into the situation of grabbing someone more often and if you’re not training that scenario, it will be to your disadvantage. If I want to use the hook, this position and now I grab someone from behind and choke him e.g. and I want to punch him, meaning I don’t want to choke him out but punch him at the same time I am in a classic in-fight position I can’t use my hook like that it’s just impossible We’ve got the same situation as before, I just turn my fist and again I reach him with this part of my fist and like this I can perfectly hit the target That’s a big difference, I won’t be able to do this with a normal hook and if I punch like this I won’t hit ideally, I can’t twist my wrist either or I will hurt myself These are the big differences when using an upper cut or a hook and now I will show you exercises, which you can train by yourself For training the upper cut I use a Thai pad, you can also use normal boxing pad In principal everything I can grab like this meaning when I grab it I have to do it in a way so I won’t punch myself so I cannot put my hand over his face, but I have to control his forehead and from this position I can train the punches I can really put a lot of power into this pad-training or I can just train the technique It’s important to train both sides you can train the upper cut from a standing position left and right Imagine you’ve got your opponent here then you change your grip and punch into your opponent As a second exercise I am showing you, if you e.g. doing a choking technique Our opponent is here, we choke him and I can also control him for a bit and then I punch and then I get back into my control position meaning I am here in a good choking position, it’s important that our fingers are not interlocked, but like this so we give up as little surface as possible, we press our hands against each other Boom – and then I go back into a good grip again Don’t put the pad up too high or you will punch yourself in the face this is a good position and from here I can train this exercise Again from both sides – left and right – and that’s how you can train the hook from behind That’s all from us for today – I hope you had fun Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, if you want to see more videos like this I hope you could gain something from this clip for your own training If you want to see more check out our website there you will find a lot more clips Enjoy and see you next time! Bye-Bye and greetings from Vienna!

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