Peter Weckauf | SAMICS | simple fight strategie – How to defend against front attack at the wall

Hi guys and welcome!
My name is Peter and this is Roland Welcome to our YouTube channel!
In this clip I will show you a difficult situation, when you are pressed against a wall. It is not easy to get out of this situation and
I will show you two techniques that you can use if you get in this position. I hope you will enjoy our clip and learn some new things I will show you the details and then you should be able to train it by yourself Thanks for watching and now we’re starting already! So we start with me against the wall My opponent, most people are right-handed, presses me against the wall so you can see on this side it might be possible to get out and I can get away from his punching fist it doesn’t matter if he attacks with a round attack or a straight attack What I have to do is: I have to get out this way and push his elbow At the same time I want to hit his face So like a scissor move I want to push his arm and hit his face and then I want to get into control and attack his head and then the neck and the neck and the neck I’ve got control over his arm and I can push him a little against the wall so it won’t be so easy for him to get back and from here I can hit here this part of the neck which is really painful for him and it is really effective Once again! First I want to give him some input – either from the front or from the side depending on the situation I like to target the ears, because it will break his balance and then I push his elbow then I take a step out control his arm hit to the head and once more go to the neck Usually he would go down a little after the first hit and it would be easier to attack here and I keep the control here I can push him against the wall and then make a run for it Then next application I’ll show you is for the situation in which I can’t get out to the side Again he pushes me against the wall Maybe he grabs onto my shirt and it is not as easy to get out and I cannot push him away because he has a strong grip So now I have to react to his attack So what I want to do is bring my elbow up and pull his arm a bit and when he punches me he won’t hit me I want my head to go to the front, chin down, so when I pull him to closely he might fall onto my head and I give him a head-butt Once again he attacks me I put my guard up and immediately grab his arm and hit him with my elbow from here my hand grabs his face and from here I can attack his throat either with the sickle or with the fist Once again slowly First I put my elbow up and keep my chin down then I hit him with the elbow while controlling his other arm and from here I attack his throat Why don’t I attack the face? The neck is more fragile and therefore it’s more effective If you don’t want to hit the throat you can also attack the face I prefer the neck Once again He attacks, I put up my guard, my head goes a bit to the front so if he falls on you his face meets your head then I switch the grip and hit him with my elbow bring his head in this position and then I can attack the throat and then you can add whatever you want and run Now I will show you the same with an object like a bottle It’s the same situation, you see there are not too many things you can do Important is, if he wants to hit me with that I try to turn to him a bit, I pull his arm here and go in with my head and I go in with my elbow, so I can control his arm. This is really important then next, the elbow put my hand on his face and attack the throat So you can attack his neck or if you prefer a disarming you can do this One – two – three and then I attack his arm and then I can work with the bottle It depends on the situation Once again slowly The head goes to the front, don’t stand up straight and leave your face open one change – two go to the head you can hit with a knee strike you can go directly to the neck or if you want to you can disarm him hit him with your elbow and then you have a daily object for fighting That’s it from us – I hope you like this technique It is not so easy to show you a new technique every week I hope you like our innovations and our techniques and I hope you can use it for your training Thanks for watching and see you next time If you enjoyed our video leave us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel or share our videos! Thanks for watching and bye-bye!

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