Peter Weckauf | SAMICS | simple fight strategie – Dirty Fighting attack on the neck

Do you know what “dirty fighting” is? Hello and welcome to SAMI Combat Systems! My name is Peter Weckauf and today I want to show you my idea of dirty fighting For me dirty fighting is not a systems, it is a mindset So what I mean by that is that it is not a sport In this clip I will show you my ideas, some techniques which you can use in a real fight Many systems are based on sportive competitions but we use tactics that are not allowed in sports, because they are way to dangerous but on the street or in a real life situation it is much more effective So why do we use these techniques? Sometimes we have more than one attacker and so we have to find a quick end to the fight, so maybe we get the chance to run away Maybe the attacker has a weapon so in a real fight you have to be prepared for anything that is why we can do whatever we want In some situations it is better to use a weapon, in some situations not But I think it is really important for you to know the mindset and also the techniques If you don’t train that, you’re chances to use it in a real situation are minimal because you’re under stress and you don’t have the muscle memory So that is why I want to show you some ideas and some techniques and I want to make a series of clips that I hope you will enjoy and we start now with the first technique and give you ideas for your training So the first technique I am showing you is a technique from behind I prefer to use combinations or techniques for my training where we are behind our opponent so that is why I have my Bob here and I also teach that to my students So when I have the chance to stand behind him and I can manipulate him and bring him into a bad position and get myself behind him Many people use a choke, I don’t like that, because if there are more attackers the choke takes a while to work, so I prefer to punch him If you’re really close to your opponent it is not your first move to punch so when I am behind him, I grab his face under the nose, so he cannot bite me and press his head towards me and bring him with one or two hands to me If it’s possible I use one hand, if not then I use both hands So in this situation it is very hard for him to attack, maybe he can do that, but if you keep your head down like that he can only hit you here If I also turn his neck a little into this position I open up this area to hit, this area and this area My punch isn’t really a hook Because if you punch with a hook like this, you can see that the impact will be on my finger joints So what I have to do is to turn my fist I can hit like this here or I can hit like that – so it is a really good position for me So if there are multiple attackers, I can punch him like this and push him away and fight against another one Also if you hit this area it is really really painful for him He might go to the ground immediately if you hit four or five times Again you can train this from the left side I prefer using my right hand, since I am right-handed Here I have to have control, so I can manipulate him So if there are multiple attackers I can hold him in front of me and I can hit him and hold him So that is really good technique Now I am showing you some exercises, if you don’t have a Bob you can also train with a punching bag You can train on your own, if you don’t have a partner, you can also use the punching bag It is not exactly the same, but you can work on your punch So I grab here the punching bag Think about your fingers over here, you don’t want to hit yourself you have to press against the bag, you can also press you head against it and then you have to punch here You can do that for a minute full power You can change every time, one punch left, one punch right So you have also got a training for your grips or you do it like an interval, so 10 sec then wait 10 sec, like that So it also helps you with your workout If you don’t have a punching bag, you can use a punching pad You use this as the head and then you can also train the punching like this This is important, so you can train your muscle memory because you still have to turn your fist and you also have to grab the punching pad As you can see this is not a boxing style it is much more for the street fighting concept that is why I am saying it is not a style it is a concept and you can put elements of it into every style If you care to you can follow us on our channel and then you’ll see a new clip every week in English and German with subtitles So we’d appreciate a thumbs up and leave us a comment Thanks for watching

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  1. Thanks for your clips I really enjoy them and you make perfect sense πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘Š hello from England

  2. Love your move!! The only problem is talking him down from the rear!! Fights are usually faced forward! And if your behind him then you can run away!lol

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