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Hello and welcome! My name is Peter Weckauf. In this clip I will present to you the SAMI Defender 1 which is a really good tool for selfdefense I will show you some variations of how to use it in training and what is in the package I will also show you how to draw the weapon, when I pull out the defender from my holster and I think it’s a nice thing to train with our defender. So there are three kinds: one is really sharp that you can hold in a really nice grip, with a small blade. The big advantage of this weapon is, it is very effective, but you cannot kill anyone with it With a long blade that could happen easily Then we’ve got one with a dull blade, that you can use as a training blade it is basically the same, but you use it to hit. So you can also just carry that one, not the sharp one and use it as a tool to hit the arms or whatever you want And the third one is a bit thinner, it’s just for training when we give courses that’s the one we give our students to train with It’s a bit cheaper than the other one, but for training it is perfect! And last but not least we’ve got the holster So in the package are three items The sharp one, the training blade and the holster The holster is also interesting, because we can put it on this way You can clip it on like that Usually a lot of holsters are worn outside, but this one we wear inside our pocket which is ideal, because like that you cannot see it from outside and when you put the knife inside – I will show you as well with the sharp one – the blade goes there, so when you pull it out – I will show you with the dull blade When you pull it out with your finger you got the sharp side of the blade in a good grip This grip is not as comfortable as this grip, that’s why I use that I like to wear it on my right side, because I am right-handed so of course that is more practical to me So now I will show you different ways of taking the knife out of your holster So when I feel a bit strange in a situation I put my finger already in here to and put my second arm up and maybe talk to my opponent So you can see my hand is outside the pocket and if I have to, I pull it out and I am immediately ready So I won’t pull out my knife before I know what’s going on and then I pull it out or otherwise I can just leave it The second one – if I’m under more pressure – I’ve got different variations, I will show you the first one maybe my left hand is there, I fling my jacket to the side slide my hand along the body and go immediately to the ring and pull it out This is also an important part that you have to train and then you go immediately into your fighting position So first I get my jacket out of the way, get to the knife and close my fingers and get into my fighting position The next variation, if I just got my right hand I come up like that, grab it with my fingers and pull it out So I don’t need my left hand In the third variation I use my left hand to hold the jacket and pull the knife with my right hand and I’m ready to fight So once again I will show you all three variations First bring back the jacket, slide along the body and pull the knife and put your left arm in front of you and you’re immediately ready The second variation: You have to bring the jacket up and take the knife out and you’re ready Number 3: use both hands and take it out and you’re ready In the next clip I will show you some techniques to use it and train with it, some drills and some ideas In 2020 I want to invite you to join the Defender 1 seminar Which will be a multiplier system, like EBC so you will be able to teach our methods. It will be either September or October 2020 I hope you enjoyed our clip If you are interested, you are welcome to join our seminar In the next clip I will show you some techniques on how to use the defender If you enjoyed watching then please share the video, leave us a like and comment Thanks for watching and following our channel! Bye-bye and see you soon!

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