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Hi guys and welcome on our YouTube channel! This is the second part of our strategy and fighting concept against multiple attackers In this situation he will grab me from the side and I will show you techniques and training methods and a strategy you can use in a moment like that. So I hope you will enjoy this clip! Thanks for watching and checking out our YouTube channel! Again I start at the board with the strategy!
We are in this situation: That’s me with my arms And there are multiple attackers, one in front of me and one left or right to me In this situation he will grab me from the side So in the first clip I showed you how we get out on this side, but now this won’t be possible So what I have to do is to work with this guy and get out on this side In the end we are having this situation again You will see that when I show you the exercise also which technique we are using, so it will also work in a real life situation First: You can see I have two attackers and this attacker grabs me from the side, so first I will show you the tactic What I have to do is I have to use both my hands to punch him I hit here and then I have to move In this situation he could attack me from behind or from this side So I have to grab his face and go to the side and hit him with my head I grab his head and go once, twice, whatever and at the same time I have to move away And then I have a chance to release I call this Think-Quick-Release If you spend to much time hitting and trying to get out of the lock without moving You have no chance against the second aggressor, he is too close So what we have to do: This is the first impact and then I already have to move and in the movement I have to use my head-butts So I hold his head like this and hit his jaw If you are smaller than him, then you can go up or I bring his head to mine or I go directly like this and I move while I’m doing that I can go to any direction, it depends on the situation So once again, here it’s the same I have to keep my hands up, because I don’t know maybe he will hit me or the other guy will hit me or maybe he grabs me so if he grabs me I have to go directly to his head and when he punches I use my head-butts and move maybe I release and hit him and you see again I’ve got them in one line So I don’t say you can win any fight like that, but your chances are better now Maybe when he grabs me, I’m here and then he hits me on the head It’s not nice, but face is really bad and neck is bad as well, here it hurts but you can take it but it’s important to get your hands to his face move and then you use your own head so when he goes to this side, I grab him and attack his neck he goes to the other side, I do the same, you see I can use him as a shield and then I can fight against him So it’s the same as last time: We have a good position we have got a strategy I can decide depending on what is happening to which side I need to go and I have a technique which I can use in this situation I hope you liked this clip and you want to see more of it Leave us a comment if you are interested in this kind of content Tell us that you like it and I can show you more of these strategies If you liked it leave us a thumbs up, share the video Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching and bye-bye

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  1. What a pile of bullshit!
    No one will ever grab you from a side not instantly hitting you in the face + your boy knows what it need to look like so he is helping you. I am 177cm and 68kg and I challenge you to do the same what you've just demostrated in this video.

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