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Hi guys and welcome on our YouTube channel! This is our third clip about strategies against multiple attackers This time he will grab me on my shirt/ on my clothes There are two attackers and I will show you a strategy and a technique, which you can use in this situation This time I will show you the entry, next time I will show you a strategy to fight against 2,3 or more opponents I hope you will enjoy this clip, if you so please leave us a thumbs up Thanks for watching! Hi guys and welcome, my name is Peter Weckauf I am the founder of SAMI Combat Systems On our channel you can find many clips about inspirations, training ideas, tips&tricks for self-defense for martial arts, for your profession So don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and thank you for following our videos! In this clip I want to show you some strategies and techniques against multiple attackers So first my opponent will grab me on my shirt/my jacket and then I will show you which way you can escape The green circle is me, the guy in front of me grabs my clothes So if he grabs me I can’t get out to my right, so I have to go to my left What I want is to get my opponents into one line If there are three attackers it’s the same it should be also one line You want to use one attacker as a shield and then it is easier to fight. I’m not saying it is easy, but it is easier Again: here we go to this side. Sometimes we have to go in this direction but in this exercise we got out to our left For this exercise I put on a jacket, so my partner can pull me and really hold on to me So again we have two attackers I’ve got my strategy, if he comes close I try to keep the distance If he comes here I try to get over there, so I try to mirror the guys Secondly: I keep my hands up high Not down here, so he can punch me from the side I don’t have the time to react and it is important that I see both of them Not just his arm, I see everything So if he tries to get behind me I have to move and keep them both in my eyesight He comes closer and grabs me full power like that, it’s not nice What I have to do: I can’t go over there he can punch me from this side, so I have to go to this side What I want to do is: I grab his arms and at the same time I hit here his neck maybe I’ve got a chance to kick him I grab his shirt and I start moving, if he goes left, I go right, if he goes right, I go left I can hit him while I’m moving and I use him as a shield This gives me time! Once again He grabs me and I immediately start using my technique don’t stop moving and then you can one on one You’ve got a better chance! He can grab me like that my hands are up and if the other guy comes I attack his neck at the same time I control his arms because he could hit me with his fist so I grab him and I can also turn him like that that’s why I grab his arms and attack his neck I can also attack him like that, when he grabs me, attack his throat because it is a strange situation I can also use strange techniques You have to remember to attack the weak spots Once again, I got my arms up already He grabs me and I counter attack immediately and then we’ve got the second guy So it helps to train with some kind of jacket for this exercise he can really grab and pull you like that I hope you like this clip, this strategy If you enjoyed it, let us know in the comments and we can do more of these clips leave us a thumbs up share it and of course you can subscribe to our channel I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for watching, these are my guys! See you soon, bye-bye

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  1. Bekijk de video's van Michael Jaj White. Ik eb op je videos's gereadgeerd; Hij von ze leuk en bedankte me. Sorry voor minj moed in het Nederlans.
    Heel erg bedankt Sensei?
    Hälsningar från Vael från Sverige ???

  2. What i love about your techniques is that the attacker doesn't just hit you once,and then he frozes like a dummy , with his arm stretched , while you run around him , doing your thing ,like in 99% of the SD demos you will see either on line or in dojo's . Keep it real , and thanks for the free education .

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