PBS Hawai‘i – HIKI NŌ Aired 06/06/19 | Maui Waena Intermediate School – Maui | Fighting for Family

[INDISTINCT] I only have my mom and my sister that are
close here. And I moved out when I was sixteen years old. Home wasn’t always the best for me. It wasn’t a good environment all the time. So, I decided to remove myself from it and
better myself and do what I really wanted to do, which was train and fight. After moving out, Sean Rush dove right into
training, and in 2013, he moved from Maui to San Diego. He never threw in the towel. He challenged himself to perfect his technique,
and even began to teach his learning to others. In late 2018, he decided to move back to Maui,
and was given the opportunity to teach and train at the Fam Training Center. And by teaching at the gym, he became closer
to the people, to the point where he … I consider everyone in the gym that I teach
to be family. [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] We overcome struggle together, and through
that, we become sometimes a lot closer than blood relatives. We have a very strong unique dynamic at the
gym. [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] And those fights that you go through or life
battles that you go through with each other in the gym become so much more than just the
sport of boxing. Through the knockouts and wins Sean went through, he found that his greatest win was the realization that … Everybody grows up with a family, or at least
some type of a family. And you take it for granted a lot, and it
takes separation sometimes for you to really appreciate those beautiful little things in
life, and really appreciate the family that you do have at home, and that backbone and
that support system. ‘Cause when you don’t have it, is when
you realize how important it is. Good, good, good. Keep that speed up. Very good. And through the gym and being at Fam Training
Center, you feel that vibe, because you spend a lot of time here and you put in a lot of
hard work. And there are injuries, you share hardships,
you share wins, and you share losses. Five seconds. Keep it up, keep it up. It’s given me so much. It’s given me a family, it’s given me
dreams and aspirations, it’s taught me hard work, and without it, I one hundred percent
would not be the person I am today. Yeah, there we go. Good. Being in the gym, and having that family in
the gym really makes you appreciate the beauty in all the little things. This is Sienna Racoma from Maui Waena Intermediate
School, for HIKI NŌ.

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