Ozzy Man Reviews: MMA Showboating Fail

Welcome to fight day. Joe is offering a glove touch but it was a fake out. Gee whiz you can see Johan thinking “that was cheeky as fuck.” “I didn’t know we were playing prison rules.” Now Joe decides it’s time to practise some new dance moves. He’s like “ohhh yeah I am a sexy beast.” He gets back to the fighting aaaand he lands a punch. Yeah nah Johan’s boofhead doesn’t really feel it but Joe reckons it was some deadly shit. Here’s some more deadly shit followed by a tribute to the Bee Gees. He then says “free hit. I’ll give you a free hit, mate.” Yeah nah yeah just kidding, just jokes. Now what’s he doing here? Oh it was a look away punch. He tried to set a trap, a bit of a bloody trick. I don’t think it worked like he imagined it would so he decides to create an optical illusion. As invented by this drunk wanker in Lithuania. Then he finishes the round with a Van Damme fly kick. That is one of me favourite moves to do in the living room in front of the mirror. You can’t beat it. It looks fucken sick hey. Into Round 3 Joe’s getting a few punches in. He does some more disco moves and gets a fucken foot to the face!!! That is game over ladies and gents. There is a time and a place to be Michael Jackson. Usually at weddings or a house party, but not in the mma ring. Johan says “can the honourable gentleman give way?” And Joe did give way. And now the opposition gets a chance to do some showboating of his own. Fucken well played.

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  1. the ref stepped in too soon. Should have waites at least 3 munutes, so that nigga would get what he fucking asked for

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  3. I think when fighters win a match and get too happy, it makes them look like they're not really good and just lucky. I like the tyson style when you knock a mf out and walk back to yoyr corner and stay cool. Makes you seem more dangerous instead of ut looking as if you knocked them out on mistake

  4. While he was on the ground i was punching him in my head too ?? he needs to enrol in a dance school when he wakes up from coma

  5. Он не Майкл Джексон, он Танцор Диско-Митхун Чакробарти.

  6. ไปเกิดใหม่ส่ะ กวนตีนดีนัก บักปอบ…

  7. Ese le pasó por mamá….o por burlarse de su oponente que lastima que el referí se metió tan rápido para parar la pelea ay era que el otro muchacho tenía que ver aprovechado de partirle la mal..t cara a ese mamá****o?

  8. The loser needed to receive at least another dozen punches, just to remind all others not to do this dancing and cocky shit!

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