Oportunidade ou Ameaça – o Conceito Budista de Vacuidade

I always say that philosophy in martial arts is not just a system of thinking, but there is a philosophy of movement. That is, a a way of thinking and doing the movements based on philosophy. I’m Jeronimo Marana, martial arts teacher and in this video I’m gonna talk about the Buddhist concept o emptiness and how you can use it in your training. The concept of emptiness, that can also be called by hidden potential, says that nothing has an intrinsic meaning. That is, nothing is good or bad, pretty or ugly, pleasant or unpleasant by itself. Everything depends on the way that we see. That is, all things has a hidden potential of being anything we want, to be what we want to see in these things, situations or whatever. What determines the way we interpret the world are marks that we print in our minds that makes us to see things in a given way or another. In the common state of consciousness in which people live – and here I’m borrowing a term from the book The Power of Now -, they are dominated by their own mind most of the time. So if a situation appears and the mind determines that the person see it as a bad thing, the person will see the situation that way and will see it as a good situation only if the mind says the situation is good. But we can take the control and print a new mark in the mind that makes us to see the situation the way we want. And how does this ideia can help me to improve my martial arts practice? Well, imagine I’m in front of an oponnent and this opponent attacks me with a kick. I will look at this kick and if I was trained in the common way I will think “I’m receiving a kick, this kick is dangerous, I need to defend against it”; So, I see this kick as a threat. But if I was trained in a way that allows me to see things in another way, I’ll look to this coming kick and think “wow! My opponent is kicking me, he/she has only one foot in the ground, I can take him/her down”. So I stop seing this kick as a threat and start seeing it as an opportunity. I’m not gonna stop being conscious about its risks, but I’ll stop seeing it as an obstacle between me and my aim of hitting my opponent and will start to see it as a part of the process, a point in the way, even a tool that helps me to reach my aim of taking down my opponent, since he/she has only one foot on the ground. Ok, it’s a very nice ideia, very beautiful, but how do I do to practice? A very good exercise you can use to do this re… Reprogram… I was going to say complaining now. But, that’s ok. A very good exercise you can use to it is the doding exercise that I’ve already taught in this channel and taht you can modify to do it against a kick, a punch, a stick strike, against whatever you want, for you to find an opportunity in your partener’s movment to make physical contact with his/her body, with hand, feet or anything you want, it also depends a little on your creativity. Remember that this attack needs to be slow enough to stimulate the person who receives the attack to identify what happens and take his/her decision so that he/she can touch, hit his partner the way he/she wants. So that’s it, if you want more training tips as this one, I’m putting a link in this video description so that you can download my ebook [in Portuguese] freely with 10 tips so you to apply your techniques in situations of unpredictability. If you liked this video, subscribe to my channel, thumb up, leave your comments and share it on social networks so that it can reach other person who like martial arts and need or search for this kkind of knowledge. And if you want to add subtitles to this video or any other of this channel, you can do it through the links in the description. I finish here, thank you so much, and I wait for you in the next video. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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