Opening of world′s largest Taekwondo center 최대 규모 태권도원 개원식

Today is Taekwondo day here in Korea.
Adding some extra meaning to the day… the world′s largest Taekwondo center opened
in the southern city of Muju offering variety of programs for people of all ages.
Our Kim Hyun-bin takes us to the opening. Korea is the birthplace of one of the most
well-known forms of martial arts Taekwondo. So it seems only right that Korea should have
the largest Taekwondo center. The opening ceremony for this new facility
in Muju, Jeollabukdo Province in Korea′s southwest was held on Thursday.
Over 25-hundred visitors and distinguished guests, including Prime Minister Chung Hong-won
and other top government officials attended the ceremony.
Highlighting the government′s efforts to make the facility a global Taekwondo mecca,…
200 masters of the martial art from 16 countries were given medals for their efforts to globalize
the sport. “We established the Taekwondo center to globalize
the sport and make this center a mecca. To fulfill our goal we will offer variety of
Taekwondo programs and help globalize it through international exchange.
Local residents are also proud to see such an amazing center of sporting excellence set
up in the heart of their community. “As a Muju resident I am pleased to see the
opening of the Taekwondo center. The center was established and represents Muju, the Republic
of Korea and will be a good chance to promote the sport around the globe.”
The world′s largest Taekwondo center is built on over 2-point-3 million square meters
of land,… ten times the size of Seoul World Cup Stadium,… and it′s capable of accommodating
14-hundred people at once. The center also has interactive facilities,
where visitors and pro athletes can hone their Taekwondo skills. ” Visitors can enhance their basic Taekwondo
skills through numerous interactive activities and also get to spar against virtual reality
fighters.” At a cost of 240 million U.S. dollars, the
center also includes the world′s largest Taekwondo arena, a museum, an experience hall
and many other points of interest. Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News, Muju.

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