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Here’s one of the examples that you’re going
to get on this video. Check out this clip. Alright guys, three important aspects of opening
up your karate school. 1, location. 2, location. 3…LOCATION. Location is going to be the
most important part of the blood life, or the life blood of your school. Remember you
want that traffic to walk in that front door, so you’ve got to be somewhere where there’s
kids around. Elementary schools, McDonald’s, grocery store, movie theater, day care, find
somewhere where you can put a school and it’s going to be drawing students in.
You don’t want to be next to a retirement home where you know you’re not going to get
them. Or next to a all female something or all male something, where you know you don’t
want the adults you want kids. Kids is going to be your lifeline.
You don’t want to be in the back of a warehouse where nobody knows you’re there. You don’t
want to be behind, Joe Blow’s karate, stay away from other karate schools. You don’t
want to have that much competition. If there’s no choice, ok just make sure you
step up your game and you’re better than they are so you get their students. Some people
are going to go there, have a trial and be like “we didn’t like it, let me try to school
across the street.” You want to be where they end up. Or if they come to you first, you
want to be where they end up. Where they stay, you don’t want them going somewhere else.
Or they may come try you and then go over there and come back and says “wow, we liked
your program better.” Let’s say you teach Kung Fu and they teach
Taekwondo, does it matter? It doesn’t matter, you can both teach Taekwondo. What’s going
to matter is your teaching skills, how you make that student feel.
And this video is going to cover all that and I guarantee if you follow the teaching
tips I have for you, you’re going to make these kids feel like they’re number one and
they’re going to want to be with you. Trust me. Not the guy across the street, even if
the teaches what I teach. Trust me. And there you have it. On the video there’s
a whole lot more. So order today and start your own kickass program.

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  1. I agree with location like near a school and in a mall we’re many kids and teens hangout and you need to make the title cool and be a nice teacher because when I grow up I want to own a dojo and be a teacher of tae Kwando

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