Ong Bak 4 (fan made)

wait wait why hey kid give us two statue and you won’t hurt you don’t listen kinnison thank you forget it sister Fuji sorry I love this tattoo cause it might be a good time one job I didn’t kill him novels move it very good you’re done very good job quick something thank you you you are you what are you searching have you ever seen this before what’s your name I’m Fuji Fuji maybe I can help you thirsty okay hey are you fine I’m fine I’m fine hey is this the right place you’re one of them maybe so you know the two guys one with the white mask and out of the green shot maybe tell me where I can find it I’m punching fuck yep you’re not young for drinking Oh No ah hey hey hey hey here Steve I think you have finished No brother and for you mr. CG what are you doing what’s going on here Fuji food I will tell you what’s going on here after their accident I’ve made up my choice I fought my organization and now I have money a clan and chicks and you’re cutting Rana you bastard don’t call me brother we’re orphans Fuji to us nice to see your face last time touchy wait 30/30 you grip his head its turn to say goodbye yeah hey asshole come out ah ah ah Oh Saji Fuji what I’m standing here Gogi Sergey give you the statue what have you done hmm I have enough man what’s wrong with you Sachi is this that was very important for you I can make lot of money with this why do you need this because it reminds me of our time you we to me Wow Saji why you did that do you think sister we’re proud of you I won’t kill you but you have to change your life oh gee Bujji you say I should send my life but I can’t and you know I I hope sister we forgive me don’t do this stop brother sister call me brother goodbye brother sister thank you for everything I’ve decided to build a home for us like us I hope you will watch over us

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  1. You guys aren't so pose to leave a negative comments your so pose to leave a good one for all the hard work he put into that video

  2. Wow!! I actually thought that was really good! I really liked it! I need to remember some of those moves someday! I liked the effort put into it and overall I really liked it a lot!!


  4. Hard work to do this, like weeks of trying and filming to say the least. And you have some real moves in your sleeves too, it's not all just posing aend fake. Loved your version of the… overuse of knee and elbow strikes to the head typical of Tony Jaa

  5. Don't read if u read this and don't put this 3 other videos u will die in 2 days if u do on ur true love will kiss u on Friday tomorrow will be the best day ever u will never forget

  6. yes Fugyyy Saggyyyyyyyyyy Yes 😀 Epiccccccccccccccccccc Fugggggggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sagyyyyyyyyy Yessssssssssss :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 😀 Yes Fugyyyyyyyyy Sagyyyyyyyyyy

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