One Armed Boxer (1971) (ENG) (FULL)

Come in. Good morning. You’re early. You have a rare bird there. It was imported from Thailand. You can’t get one here. What will you drink? Tea. A pot of tea. Come in. Good morning, Master Ma. That’s my table. I didn’t know that. I’ll go then. Not so easy. This bird matches mine perfectly. Leave it and go. Mr. Ma, I’m not selling the bird. He glad I’m so easy on you. How can you be so unreasonable? The Hook gang is making trouble. Ma, don’t go too far. Mind your own business, Yu. It’s daylight robbery. I know you’re from Ching Te School. But our Hook gang aren’t weaklings. Just return the bird. Get him. Come to the valley and we’ll fight. I’ll be waiting. They’re here. Hurry. Yu, our two groups aren’t enemies. Why did you hurt my man? You’re a bunch of bullies. I’ll teach you a lesson. There’s no way out but to fight. You’re all thugs. Get him. Run. What if Teacher finds out? Let me take the blame. Hsiung Kang. As the eldest,
you should teach them. Now they’ve gotten into trouble. Yes. The Dyeing and Brick factories took up all my time, unfortunately Tien Lung, you train hardest. I never thought you’d pick fights. Martial arts is important but character is even more so. Don’t use your strength to bully. Yes, sir. But the Hook gang went too far. I couldn’t allow daylight robbery. You did the right thing. But the fight afterwards. Was that an act of chivalry? I was too rash. Their leader Chao runs
drugs and women. He has his eyes on our factories. This isn’t the end of the matter. You know they’re villains. People must act with reason. Tien Lung will be punished. Besides,
our own people were hurt too. Place the joss sticks. Tien Lung. Yes. You’ll clean the altar for 3 days. and kneel for 1 day. You’ll take 3 strokes too. Go practice in front. Idiots. You’ve disgraced our name. How did the fight start? He insisted on having our table. An argument led to a fight. I challenged him to a duel. There’s no enmity between us. Why did Han Tui let his pupil loose? Tien Pao. Who’s the one responsible? Yu Tien Lung. Yu? No wonder you lost. Among the old man’s students he’s the strongest and wiliest. Let say Teacher. The fellow said… Go on. Did he insult us? He said he’d teach you a lesson. The nerve. Even Han Tui respects me. How dare be insult me? Bring my weapon. Assemble the men. I’ll go and redeem our honor. Mr. Chao, what a surprise. Han Tui, your students are wild. He’s being punished. We were going to come and apologies. You talk nicely. What? Your student hurt my men. and insulted my honor. I’d like to see how. Mr. Chao, it can’t be true. My student wouldn’t insult you. You needn’t protect him. You’ll hand him to me, or… Or what? We’ll see who is the stronger. Our methods may be different but all schools have one principle. Besides, we’re neighbors. Why break the peace? It’s easier said than done. Mr. Chao Will you hand him over? I’ve already punished him. So you won’t hand him over? Teacher. My apologies. We’ll fight. Stop. Using hidden dirks is treacherous. Nobody is a good loser. You’ll regret this. Let’s go. Never mind. Second brother. It’s you. I thought it was Teacher. What was the noise about? I came to tell you. Chao came for you. Teacher refused and a fight ensued. What happened? Teacher was stabbed with
a hidden dirk. It’s only a scratch. Teacher almost crippled him but he said he’d be back. Never. But I got Teacher into it. There will be more trouble. Tien Pao. You made us lose our honor. I’m determined to get revenge. No once went to Shanghai. to see the northern military chief. I hear they employ top fighters. I’ll get their help against Han Tui. Well done. Come inside sit down. As mentioned in our letter we hope your teacher will come. He’s coming from Okinawa. He’ll be here in a couple of days. Wonderful. Let me introduce you. This is our boss. Chang Ku Chuan and Pan Tien Ching. This is judo expert Kao Chiao. Chin Chi Yung, Taikwondo expert. Ni Tsai and Mi Su of Thailand. Yoga expert, Mura Singn of India. How do you do? With you around, we’ll win for sure. Teacher, a visitor from Okinawa. That’s our teacher. Hurry, let him in. This is our boss. Please sit down. Please sit down. As chief of Okinawa’s martial arts you came such a long way. I’m truly grateful. Enough.
I’ve heard of Chinese boxing. When am I going to try it? You’ve had a rough trip. It’s nothing to a fighter. Hardships are part of training. Old Han is tough and has many men. We’re waiting for two lamas so we can all move together. No, Teacher means he’s invincible. I want action. Never mind lamas. Never insult Tibetan martial arts. Let’s talk it over. you came so far to serve me. Please listen to me. Sit down. I’ve more to discuss than a fight. We’ve run opium for many years but we’re plagued by bandits. After the fight, I hope you’ll stay and help me with consignments. The income from the operations will be split 60/40. You’ll each get 400,000. Ching Te runs the brick
and dyeing factory. We’ll work on their brick factory. This is what they produce. See if they’re customers. Right. Are you here to buy bricks? What are you doing? I hear Ching Te men can fight. I came to see if it’s true. Surround them. We’ve customers. Go and see. The cashier’s inside. Please. Someone killed Hsiao San. Hold it. The Hook gang brought them. Go and tell Hsiung and Yu. Ma Mu Tao, did you bring them? Brother Yu. They just left. After them. Yu Tien Lung. Lure him inside. It’s a dead end. After them. Strange. There’s no other way out. Look around. He’s wounded. Finish him. Let’s go. So much trouble in one day. Chang and Li are dead. The factories and finished. The Hook gang is behind it. Luckily Tien Lung escaped. How the Hook gang has hired killers to attack and kill us they have always been bullies and run opium and brothels. After we prepare the funeral we’ll seek revenge. Never mind. Chao, you came at the rights time. I came to repay the debt. You’re vicious. Said I’d litter
your place with bodies. No you don’t. Let’s wait and see. I’ll pay you back with interest. This is the chief from Okinawa. His pupils Chang Ku Chuan
and Pan Tien Ching. Judo expert Kao
and Taikwondo chief Chin. Also lamas Cho Lung and Cho Fu. Yoga expert Mura Singh. Iron Foot Ni Tsai
and Bronze Foot Mi Su. You’ve said Chinese boxing is great. Now you’ll test other martial arts. Chao, you’re a disgrace to China. You’ve killed so many. If you hadn’t come,
I’d have found you. Do your worst. We’ll fight to the death. Go on, Hsiung. Master Chin. Take him away. Te, go on. Brother Chin, you may retire. Kao Chiao. I’ll go. Teacher, let me go. It’s a duel to the death. Brothers. Chan… one to one. Take him away. What is it, teacher? A ceremony used in Siamese boxing. Han, you’ve been too proud. Your students are all idiots. – You…
– Teacher, let me go. Tien Lung is a good fighter. Tien Lung. He broke my student’s arm. All I took back was an arm. He’ll live. Treat him inside. Chao, come out yourself. We’ll fight to the death. You’re unfit to fight me. Tibetan arts. Good palm technique. Han, you’re not bad. Our arts originate from China. I’ll give you a chance. Your ability is only that much. What? Lama Cho. We’re together. Forget it. Watch me. My power can pass through objects. Teacher. It’s too late to go home. At least a sick man was saved. A dead man. He’s lost an arm. He’s alive. We’ll take him back. Tien Lung. You like watching the waterfall. Why did you come down? I not in the mood. Let’s go. Every time we are having fun. You spoil the mood. Since you saved my life and nursed me back to health your father has taught me medicine I should be happy, but… I can’t forget my teacher’s death. I’m a cripple and helpless now. You can still train. No fighter can afford to lose his right arm. I heard Father say once he has a herb treatment for people like you
to take in training. He says even a cripple can break rocks with his hand. But I have only one hand. You can still use it. Then you won’t feel so bad. Is it true? Yes, but Father said it requires you to burn your hand. Can you take the pain? If I can master it, I won’t care. Right, let’s go ask Father. This is the special herb medicine. I discovered it when I was young. It’s been prepared for 30 years. I never thought I’d use it now. But to train in this art you must kill nerves in the arm. If one remains, it won’t work. Have you considered it carefully? Yes. I’ll take any pain. You’re really determined. We’ll start immediately. Pour some of the salve. His nerves are deadened.
Lift him up. His arm must be
treated for a month. So his circulation will return.
Nurse him. I know. Tien Lung, have you really trained? What’s so great about it? Watch. What’s matter ? You’ve destroyed the pavilion. It’ll take days to rebuild. Hsiao Yu You teased me into it. I didn’t ask you to wreck things. All right, I’ll rebuild it. Why do you still train so hard? What will become of you? If I had two arms. I’d attack and defend with each one. With only one arm. I must make it doubly strong. If I can’t finish my foe
with one blow he’ll finish me. I understand. If you had two arms you could defend with one and hit with the other. Tien Lung. Tien Lung. I’m sorry. Wake up. I was only joking. Take me to a show. All right. It’s been half a year without news. I should find out the situation. Let’s sit over there. What will you have? Tea. A pot of tea. Tien Lung, you came for news. Why are we having tea? This is near to
the Hook gang’s place. Wait for me here. It’s late. We should return before dark. I’ll be right back. Hurry. You look like you’re up to no good. You’d better stay back. Come in. Two persons. Your teacher left 1.5 months ago. Could he have run into trouble? Don’t worry. The Okinawa chief went with me. He’ll return in a couple of days. We’ll have money then. You’ll get your share. As least 50,000 this time. We’ve made a lot this half-year. Pity, there aren’t any pretty girls. Well… There’s one over there. Not bad. She’s alone. Watch me. Very pretty. May I invite you for tea? Behave yourself. – Make way.
– Don’t go. You dare hit me. Take her away. Help. The Hook gang. Ma Mu Tao, we meet again. So you’re still alive. Hell sent me back. You’re helpless with one arm. I’ll get you. You’ve kill them. They deserved it.
Where’s your teacher? He’s… running a consignment. Who else is in your place? Only Kao Chiao Let’s get out of here. No, you go first. Why? I must finish Kao Chiao. That should weaken their ranks. You’re one armed. What do you want? Are you here to learn Judo? Where’s Kao Chiao? Send him out. Damn.
You’re unfit to call him by name. Say Teacher Kao or I’ll break your other arm. Watch what you say. Just because you’ve learned Judo. You dare lecture me? This arm won’t break. Who are you? Have you forgotten Ching Te School? So you’re alive. I’ll fix that. Hold it. Nobody leaves. Come back, all of you. When Shao returns, tell him. I’ll expect him
at the quarry in 3 days to settle the score. Tomorrow is the deadline. How many men shall we bring? He’s only got one arm. Why worry? I shouldn’t have let him live. Don’t underestimate him. He killed Kao and Chin. He must have acquired new skills. Better play safe. Go and sleep. Except for the lamas,
everything’s arranged. If he dares come tomorrow. He won’t get away. A men has 616 pressure points. Contact with some of
these points will kill. Do you remember? Yes. You said there were lamas. Their technique is called Mi Chung. It differs from Chinese boxing. Lames control their circulation and close their pressure points. It’s not easy to hurt them. Are they invincible then? How can Tien Lung handle them? Fool. All men are mortal. Though the pressure points
can be closed contact with one will still kill. I took out the diagram today to show you where these points are. It the lama really has such skill. You can finish him
by hitting him here. What point is that? Right here. An inch below shoulder,
two from the chest. Two inches from the chest? You can win by
knowing the enemy’s secret. If the lamas don’t know the skill it does you no harm knowing this. I’ll remember that. It will be a big battle. You’d better go to bed. Teacher, he’s here. Yu, this is your doomsday. I wouldn’t be here if I was afraid. Call out your men. Damn. Tien Pao. You were lucky just losing an arm. This time you won’t escape. Get him. He can stand upside down
with only a finger It’s impossible Terrific skill it’s a pity
I don’t have right hand Teacher, what’s the Okinawa chief
waiting for? The Okinawa chief and Cho Lung
used to have secret trouble They won’t be ally – Get ready for the dynamite
– Yes Palm technique
is just nothing more than that Bomb Finished off Shit He’s over there. I’ll wait below. Come if you dare. After him. Not bad. Come.

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  2. I'm been watching this movies since I was a kid on kung fu theather every Saturday on kttv challenge 11 what is today fox!!!Lol

  3. I'm been watching this movies since I was a kid on kung fu theather every Saturday on kttv challenge 11 what is today fox!!!Lol

  4. I'm been watching this movies since I was a kid on kung fu theather every Saturday on kttv challenge 11 what is today fox!!!Lol

  5. A lot of use of the cuss phrase in Mandarin "Ta Ma De". This translates often as "Shit", "Goddamn it" or even in some cases "Fuck it!" "Fuck you" and even "Fucking…" It has been used on numerous occasions in this film without it being translated properly by the English subtitles.

  6. I'm looking for an old school Kung Fu movie that has a guy with a price of metal that he can turn into any weapon like magic and ends up fighting his brothers for control of China old classic

  7. 19:19 – He'll be here in a couple of days. One minute later, he's arrived

    1:03:55 – They forgot to darken his hand. LOL

  8. This "One Armed Boxer" movie is just a miserable imitation and misscast of that old move "The Chinese Boxer"…..what was far more realistic and magnificent.

  9. When this movie was made Chinese did not consider Tibet to be China. When they fight the two Tibetan monks they talk about Tibetan martial arts, not chinese. Hahaha. But everybody knew this already, it's just that China is a bully now and a bully can deny the truth to a smaller nation.

  10. ジミーウォングはアクションは素人だからリーと比べるとイマイチだけど千葉ちゃんとかよりは魅せる要素がある

  11. its been 56yrs since I seen that movie for the first time, still amazes me and I have been looking for this film every since then thanks to who ever found an posted it

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