O que é Kung Fu por Leo Imamura

What is Kung Fu Life? It is a life manifested through Kung Fu. Then, another question rises.
What is Kung Fu? Obviously that we are not talking about the reduced sense of the expression, that focus only at martial arts. In fact, Kung Fu includes
martial arts and much, much more. So, come live the Kung Fu Life with me,
Leo Imamura. I had the privilege of being
introduced in Kung Fu life by Patriarch Moy Yat himself, person who I followed during
the last 14 years of his biological life. Even though I had 16 years of experience in the practice of martial arts
before meeting him, I confess that in the beginning I was quite confused. Therefore I want to tell you something: Don’t be surprised if you get too. Just give time to time, because, as you share from our meetings, you will understand more and more
what it is about, without the need to build an
intellectualized definition to understand what Kung Fu is. This is a very organic
way of learning, very different, but worth to try. Each one of us has his own way to learn, as his own time to digest each lived experience. To know how to respect and absorb the maximum potential each
experience offers is what we can call Kung Fu life. Patriarch Moy Yat shared with me about his kung fu life moments with patriarch Ip Man, which was full of interest
in daily life things. They lived with different people from several social classes,
professions and culture. Read books about the most diverse topics, discussed movies of the
most varied genres and went to stores
of multiple trends to better understand how
the flow of things evolved. All this, so they could amplify
their vision of the world and to live a kung fu life
progressively richer. In other words, to see things apparently common, inside what professor Pei Min Ni
titles as Kung Fu perspective. A perspective in which we can identify the benefit of the situation experienced through a differentiated evaluation capacity. Apparently,
none of this has anything to do with martial arts. Or would it? What would this relationship be then? If you feel always behind
in things you should know, you cannot relax in moments of crisis to realize the best possibilities, you always see conflict as negative or you’re tired of, as it’s said, to kill a lion a day, then you are a person who may be interested in this relationship between martial arts
and day to day activities. I believe we are past the age of knowledge and now we are entering
the age of the unknown. What I mean by this? That learning to deal with our ignorance will be more important
than accumulating knowledge. It will be the ability for you to deal with
that which you do not know that will give you strategic advantage to be offered that which you want to get. All this will be discussed intensely
in our next meetings. Since my beginning in kung fu life, more than 30 years ago, I have been able to learn a great deal through the open exchange of ideas and points of view. So I’d like to know, what is your understanding
of kung fu life? Do you agree with Patriarch Moy Yat and other past masters who associated kung fu with life? Do you see the relationships
between dealing with everyday situations and your evolution as a martial artist? A strong hug and until our next encounter in kung fu life.

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