Nunchaku for Sale (or Nunchuku) at Enso Martial Arts in Bristol

Hello, I’ve got a few minutes and my name’s
Phil and I’m going to show you our range of Nunchaku for sale at Enso Martial Arts. So if you have never trained with Nunchaku
before you need to think about buying Foam Covering, if you go straight into wooden Nunchaku
you might hit yourself and it will really hurt. So have beginner foam Nunchaku, with cord here £7.00
black with dragon, a favourite with the kids. Nice and Easy. If you want to go straight onto foam nunchaku with chain,
they are exactly the same, but with the chain. Here you can see the rubber casing. They’re
are a little bit different so you can get a bit more feel for the chain. Basically when you are training with Nunchaku
you have the choice of either Rope (cord) or Chain. It’s horse for courses, the rope
is a little bit lighter, so i you want to practice a bit more discreetly you can use
the rope. The heavy ones give you a bit more weight so you can get the momentum, and better
for the wrist rolls, etc. If you’re going down the cord route, we have
a lot of options. We have wooden cord Nunchaku, you can adjust the cord if you like. They
are set at a good length for round the hand and wrist rolls. Nice and smooth and they
look nice. We also have the same in black, the back rope nunchaku. Then also on the cord we have black octagonal Nunchaku,
we have black and the wood colours. Nice and light to play with and they have slightly
different feel to them. Now we can look at chain nunchaku. So we have
the standard black wooden nunchaku with chain. Nice and robust, these are priced at £12.00. They
are good solid black wooden Nunchaku, they should last you a while. Bargain. We have exactly the same in rubber, which
you don’t find to often. The hard rubber nunchaku. They have a different feel to them, they are little bit lighter.
They have a nice dragon on them. Due to the rubber you might not hurt yourself as much
as the wooden nunchaku if you hit yourself on the back of the head. The nunchaku 8 inch are great, I really like these.
A nunchaku 8 inch shaft with a longer chain so you can get a bit more speed out of them. These size
makes them a bit more easy to carry, say in your back pocket, should you want to transport
them around. Other choices to train with are one of my
personal favourite, these traditional wooden nunchaku with chain. They have two black rings
on each end. Nice weight and again still £12.00. Now, these are cool. Black Telescopic Nunchaku.
As you can see they a baton, pretty much. similar to the policeman’s one. So they can
do some damage so do be careful. The come with a leather case with a belt loop. Bit
of personal advice of me to you, don’t get caught walking around with these. We have a few other little bits and bobs,
like some black blue foam nunchaku for the kids. We have a Nunchaku case aswell. For
£5.00, nice and padded on the inside to keep your Nunchaku nice and safe. Hopefully it’ll
make them last a bit longer. So that’s it, so if you’re looking for nunchaku
for sale or looking to start training with them. Pop along to Enso Martial Arts in Bristol,
190 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5RB and come and try some out. Have play, see what you
like and we’ll go from there. or check out the website

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