North Korea says its nuclear weapons are for self-defense purposes

(Despite the angry international community,…) North Korea says it’ll continue developing
its nuclear arsenal,… saying it’s necessary to counter growing signs of U.S. aggression. Speaking at a UN arms forum in Geneva on Tuesday,…
North Korean diplomat Han Tae Song … also accused the U.S. of driving the situation
on the Korean Peninsula to the point of “explosion”. While avoiding reference to the regime’s latest
missile test,… the envoy said North Korea would exercise its right to self-defense,…
in the face of Washington’s provocative actions. The envoy was referring to the ongoing joint
South Korea-U.S. military exercises,… which he labeled as nuclear war drills, with hostile
intent directed at North Korea.

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  1. That was cute how the presenter changed her accent from English to korean when she said the name of the North Korea ambassador

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