NoFap Isn’t Enough? This Will Surprise You!!

NoFap ultimately is not enough and by doing this alone your results will be very limited Hey guys, I’m Jonathan white I’m here to help you master your sexual energy so you can magnetize your ideal life If you want to become the highest version of yourself, the most empowered abundant confident creative successful version of yourself NoFAP alone is not enough for you. So most guys begin their semen retention or no fat practice Very uneducated very unaware of the power of the sexual energy and how to properly harness the sexual energy without doing themselves harm So they simply start retaining their semen. They stop ejaculating. Stop looking at porn. Which of course is great It’s beneficial, but ultimately in the long run Retaining your semen alone is not enough and when your soul focus becomes on stopping ejaculation Stopping you know suppressing any sexual desires that come up You’re setting yourself up for a blockage in your life a blockage at your room at your sexual center It’s easy to go, you know a 30 60 90 days without ejaculating I think that you’ve achieved sexual mastery when in fact, you’ve only suppressed a Deep aspect of yourself to me sexual mastery is not about suppressing the desire. It’s about harmonizing your connection with it So what happens with most guys who are doing? No FAP, at least a lot of guys reach out to me You know, they’ve been doing, you know fat for a while and you know They get to 30 to 60 90 days, whatever and they’re feeling the attraction there They’re attracting women, but the problem is once they become involved with that woman once they have sex with the woman They ejaculate almost immediately because they haven’t trained themselves how to control that sexual energy. They haven’t trained themselves It’s just been sitting latent in their balls And it’s like a pressure cookers. Just ready to explode and They’re very tense actually from this and so they are unable to last long in bed. So like this feeling of accomplishment is instantly gone because you’ve Ejaculated very quickly and it’s embarrassing and it’s like well, where do you go from there? You know and even the men who are Would you’ve been doing no fad for a while, you know, you’re experiencing some benefits of it but then you get into relationship and you just go back to your old sexual patterns just Unconsciously releasing your seed every time you have sex. So by suppressing the sexual desire alone This is not mastery. This is suppression. This is shoving something away in the closet You never resolve this fundamental issue that men have which is sexual stimulation equals ejaculation This is a limitation. You can overcome this. This is the path to the highest level of sexual mastery being able to have Sexual activity being able to be aroused being able to be sexual stimulated and have that not end in ejaculation but instead in in an Entirely different form of orgasm where you’re moving that energy and turn elite instead of expelling it outwards So this for me is what it’s really all about is Transmuting that sexual energy being fully present with that energy the whole time. You don’t have to stop sexual activity at all Whether that’s with a partner by yourself because the aroused sexual energy is the most powerful energy to work with Sexual energy is expansive it grows and grows and grows when you’re aroused your sexual energy is expansive It wants to create it wants to create life or you can use that to create something new You can bring that orgasmic energy internal organs healing your organs multiplying your creativity bringing your body into these incredible Pulsating orgasmic States. It’s incredibly pleasureful. You can bring that energy into your brain boosting your creativity having deeply Clear thoughts deep focus and drive in your life. That’s what happens when you work with the aroused sexual energy Most people do no FAP never experienced this because they suppress their sexuality. They suppress their sexual urges, you don’t want to suppress things because when you try to pack you know shove things away this pressure builds and builds and eventually it’s going to release what you want to do is gain, a conscious connection with these impulses that arise with these urges and Fulfill them in a way that does not drain your energy. We’re all seeking completion We’re all seeking the resolutions to our desires to our dreams to our needs and the key here is To fulfill them in harmonious ways in ways that benefit ourselves that benefit those around us It’s easy to go 90 days without ejaculating and think that you’ve become a master. But really you’re just kidding yourself you want to transform this sexual energy that skill being able to Put that energy Circulated through your body open up your body. First of all most men their bodies are locked with tension. They’re blocked up They can’t hold this sexual desire sexual sensations As soon as they feel aroused they need to you know, they have that urge to expel the energy and that’s what they do Or they try to suppress that completely and this ends up making them feel very irritable Very unbalanced when you open up your body open up the energy channels of your body through certain practices Then that energy that desire that impulse it has somewhere to go it you have all the space in your body to move it so you don’t need to release that energy outward because you can Move it circulated throughout your body where it becomes refined as it connects through the different energy centers of the body it Transforms it changes its state it turns from this raw sexual energy into a more usable steam light energy that nourishes, the brain nourishes the glands and the organs this is what all the ancient masters talk about is drawing this energy upward to transform ourselves to heal ourselves to achieve Superhuman states of expanded consciousness of high energy and deeper connection. I want to see you succeed I want to see you become the highest version of yourself, and that’s why I’m sharing this information I got into these practices not because I wanted to be able to tell people Oh, I went 90 days without ejaculating. I wanted to achieve the highest level of sexual mastery. I used to be One of these guys who had no energy little confidence. I couldn’t approach women I couldn’t last very long in bed It was embarrassing and I had no Drive in my life by practicing sexual kung-fu Things changed immensely for me. I Significantly improved my energy levels my focus. I became one of the most driven people that I know my creativity improved I became confident I started attracting women to me and I Started to be able to create the life that I choose because that’s what happens when you can transmute your sexual energy You become abundant you’re able to magnetize the things that you want into your life, but it takes some work you have to be able to transform the sexual energy develop internal skill Open up the body Learn to Harmonize your connection with these sexual urges because these urges really represent they’re the root of our being it’s the drive to to connect with others to To recreate ourselves to create new life. That’s really what these drives are We just are so disconnected from our sexual nature that we forget that We forgotten this fact that that our sexuality is very sacred it’s very powerful and we can do absolutely anything we want to do with this energy, but We have to be able to Be harmonious and be conscious of how we’re using this energy so I want to give you a technique to walk away from so you have at least a basic understanding of how to Transmute your sexual energy and this will give you much better success If you’re practicing semen retention no FAP do this technique every day and You will actually start to gain some use of this energy instead of it Just sitting in your balls latent ly like for most guys who are doing no fat and I know this because I’ve seen it myself Guys are reaching out to me all the time telling me they’ve been doing no fat. They’re having blue balls They’re fearing feeling irritable and they’re they’re not having a very good time basically So the key here is balance keep the energy flowing What’s the point of doing is if you’re not enjoying yourself, it shouldn’t be a daily struggle. So for this technique, basically we’re going to breathe into our sexual center into the testicles and then we’re going to Move of this sexual energy through our body is a very simple basic practice of transmitting sexual energy. So Just take a few deep breaths and center yourself As You inhale feel the testicles expanding contract that pelvic floor the same muscles you use to hold in urine Exhale release the muscles relax Inhale expanding testicles It’s like you’re breathing from your nostrils into your testicles almost like their lungs. You’re breathing into your balls inhale exhale So just do this for a few times Please until you start to feel this sort of tingly sensation down its activation of your sexual energy And then contracting the perineum the pelvic floor Feel like you’re drawing this energy up the spine up to the brain You can look up at the same time place the tug against the roof of your mouth disconnect the two main energy channels And as you exhale feel the energy spiral in the brain nourishing your thinking your thoughts your creativity So it’s like your spines of straw you’re sucking this energy up from your sexual center up to the brain Last one exhale all your air take a deep breath really draw all that energy up and hold the breath at the top Hold the breath squeeze the pelvic floor feel the energy spiraling in the brains looking upward And release Let out a sigh let any excess energy be vented back downwards So simple as that very simple technique to start working with your energy, you may not feel much from this in the beginning Most people are not used to running energy throughout their bodies. As I said, most guys their bodies are locked of tension They’re blocked up from traumas. We’ve experienced your life. Thanks going back to our childhood as we experience intense situations in life our tendencies to close ourselves down to close ourselves off from the intensity of these situations this disconnects us from the moment and We develop these blockages. So the first the most crucial step to having a deeper a deeper sexual experience a deeper Openness to life in general is clearing these blockages Thank you for watching this video If you’re interested in diving deeper into this work and learning to become a sexual conquer warrior send me a message I’d love to jump on a call with you. Have a great day My friends, please subscribe to my channel like this video and leave a comment below. Have a great day my friends

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  1. "It shouldn't be a daily struggle." That is everything. It should be a daily happiness that you are advancing.

  2. Today, I reach 8 months since I relapsed, all thanks to you. I feel a lot of my spiritual channels throughout my body and it feels great.

  3. Brotha I Love you. I couldn't help but laugh then notice you laugh at certain points of your video??

    I'm at 33 days no fap and pornography.

    I've been putting that energy into my online business and all aspects of my life. It's fucking insane when you do open up and Ankh that energy back around. Powerful stuff.

    Thank you for all your wisdom and Love brotha!! ✌??☀️ and to all those who are learning to master this, keep going!!

  4. I let my balls hang off my balcony and soak in the sun to get vitamin D it helps alot so they are not trapped in darkness all day ?

  5. U are right. I've learn how to do this. Reversed the aging process. And I'm literally magnetic. A real life demigod.

  6. Hey, Johnathan. What’s a good email to reach you at? I bought one of your courses and I have a question.

  7. Man.the most important thing about not heal our organs or be more active (it helps and is great) but with this!!! You can manifest whatever you want more easy while you practice this.

  8. Always great insight. Thank you for sharing. I felt I was missing something and I knew no fap wasnt enough. This video is perfect. Thank you

  9. To reach your ultimate form we must turn to Christ. Everything that we have, our talents, gifts, skills and even the seeds in our ball sacks belong to God our Father. No fap alone will not help us attain this. Without Christ we will never be satisfied.
    God bless you my friend and lots of love to you.

  10. Nofap Day 225! nofap is useless until you dont do yoga Pranayam and one thing that help me which is ASHWINI MUDRA! You will feel like new person after doing this!!!! google it about That mudras And Pranayama!

  11. Great video. Great to see someone has covered this aspect of it. Very true! It’s no wonder women complain there are no real men out there, they don’t have the traits of a man, they have no sexual control and can’t last long in bed. Went on a date recently and the girl went crazy mad for me in the end, talking about having kids with me and getting married. I even saw her tests and her body language. I am more present. I don’t care about girls anymore, no longer the first thing in my life. I feel free, happy and I believe in myself and need no ones approval. And everything is just amazing in life, full of energy.

  12. I relapsed after 78 days. I did 2 days of prone masturbation for 2 days. I relapsed again after 5 days and did prone masturbation again. I am back to Day 1 today again.

  13. I felt something. But only at the very end when we hold our breath and exhale. Is this normal?

  14. Another core issue is sensual gratification and the immaturity of one’s affinity towards it. Not just not ejaculating. It would address old sexual patterns; among other behaviors rooted with the senses(taste/food/diet for example). Higher consciousness is about non-doing and turning inwards. “Sexual Harmony” is not necessary. Take a look at text of Hindu sages on “semen retention”. Not to say the circulation and multi-orgasmic techniques don’t serve a purpose, but they don’t address other areas of development, albeit great for self-discipline.

  15. I am very interested in this stuff and would like to speak personally with you on the phone about it . I have been watching youtube videos for a few years now but I think now I would like you to be the first I would subscribe to . I have a horrible time not being able to go more then a few days without releasing or I feel like I am getting very violent and irritable and cannot even sleep . I am in desperate need of personal help here . I am a American citizen but I am living in the Philippines now and would have to call you at a certain time from Skype . Please give me a message on my e-mail so we could work out a time that I could call you . My e-mail is [email protected] . Thanks I hope you can help me I am desperate for help here . I cannot go through the rest of my life like this .

  16. Brother, I loved this video. You brought to light a current problem. Men are counting days while suppressing their sexuality. This is definitely not healthy.

  17. Johnathan I would like to thank you for your amazing content, I've been attempting to master becoming multi orgasmic. I feel like I have figured it out mostly but a lot of my practice sessions end in ejaculation and I feel guilty about it. What are your thoughts on this?

  18. Bro what if it becomes an habit of not ejaculating at all . If at some point when need to ejaculate will this habit act as a problem?? Your vedios are just ROCKING bro.. please spend some seconds to clear my doubt.. Thank you so much bro,?

  19. This is very good information an very true ive gone almost 3 months without felt so good in all aspects of my body, mentally an physically, but i would still have sex just wouldnt ejaculate so i practice these for a while an was able to control myself by lasting long time having sex an Not ejaculating feel really good, so dont stop having sex, although i dont know if i cant hold it for over 3 months i think that is too much

  20. Question, I did this many years ago when feeling strong sexual energy and I started shaking and then I got really Hot and felt this pleasure rising up to my stomach area. What was happening , is that the start of kundalini awakening?

  21. I've been doing it for over 3 months now and I feel kinda energy but unfortunately caused an increase in my acne What I do?

  22. Love it ,this talk that why as an enlightened Catholic Spirituality ,”Chasity of marriage “can be practically apply through this model.God Bless.

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