No joking around for the Fresh Princes of BULLET CLUB! #njwtl

Punks. That was a decent fight, though. Fale and Chase…
I thought they’d be push-overs. Damn it. Unbelievable Koji, are you okay? We only have two more to go. Only two left.
We’re on the home stretch. However, we’re still going, right Koji? No matter if we win or lose, as long as the
league goes on, we’ll keep running to the end. Koji, let’s fight strong, tomorrow. Okay? Are you okay? This can’t end this way, with my partner
beaten up. There’s another match tomorrow. Tomorrow we have SANADA & EVIL. They aren’t champions, but they won this league
twice. But they still can’t compete with us. We’ll show them what we have.
Koji, thank you. New Japan Pro-Wrestling fans all over the world…
All wrestling fans… Let me tell every single one of you… You’ll get everything there is to know
about wrestling if you know the name TenCozy. You’ll see our good times and bad times.
The times we win and lose. We’ve experienced all that there is. That’s what makes us TenCozy.
We still have two more matches to go. You can switch the word ‘pro-wrestling’ with TenCozy.
You’ll know everything about pro-wrestling through us. That’s what I’ll tell every single
pro-wrestling fan around the world. That’s why we keep trying every single day. Not just Tenzan, but also me, too. We’re almost at 29 years, coming up to 30. Do you know how much
time we’ve spent as wrestlers? Do you know how much it means to us?
There’s no way you can deny us! Till the very end, we will keep showing
everything that TenCozy is about. おい見たか?バッドラック・ファレと
チェーズ・オーエンズ 絶好調だろ まぁ 優勝は無理だけど 俺たちの邪魔をし続ける
レフェリーの問題は解決した 俺たちのオファーを
承諾したからな 何の話だ?オファーって 首を縦に振るしかなかった 何故か分かるか? 訴えてやると言ったからだ! マジで? 最後の2試合で俺たちが勝てなければ
会社を訴える! 後藤
カール カバナ&矢野 これは新日本プロレスだ
コメディアンはお呼びでない 広島であいつら2人を沈めてやろう
YANO TORU これももう終わりだ でなければ
訴えてやる! ちょっと…
戻って来てくれ 忘れてるぞ… 未だにタイミングが合わない

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