News about my Judo Black Belt!

What’s up guys, Preston here with another
episode of Grappler Going Abroad. Forgive me, I’m a little bit stuffy right now. I just
came down with another head cold. I know I just got over a pretty gnarly cold or the
flu or whatever a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, because I teach I can’t seem to keep myself
from getting sick. With that being said, I want to try and make this video short and
sweet. As I said last week, besides me getting into the JET Programme interview, I’m also
testing for Shodan probably in February. I couldn’t ask for a more convenient time because
I just did a video on belt ranks in Judo. As I said in that video, which I will leave
an annotation for, I’ll also leave an annotation for the JET Programme video, kyu ranks have
different requirements to test on depending from school to school. You know, some USJA
and USJF schools have a curriculum that you have to follow for your kyu rank. Once you
get past the kyu ranks, you have a pretty steady requirement for each Dan ranking. The
one that I’m testing for, Shodan, first degree black belt, you have to do 3 things. You have
to do the first 3 sets of Nage No Kata. Nage no Kata is basically the preset movements,
you know it’s what kata entails if you’re a karate or taekwondo person, it’s a form
demonstrating the throws. There are 3 throws in each set, so I have to do 9 throws all
together. The first 3 throws in the set is Uke Otoshi, Ippon Seoinage, and Kata Guruma.
The second set is, I believe… I should know this because I practiced it last night, Uke
Goshi, Harai Goshi, and Tsuri Komi Goshi. The third set is, the 3 throws for that is
Okuri Ashi Barai, Sasae tsuri komi ashi, and then uchi mata. So that’s my shodan test,
so I’ve been practicing that. Then you have to do a technique test, where they give the
names and you have to do the technique. Then there is a Randori session, which for me,
at least for the people I’m testing with, is notoriously grueling. So it’s going to
be a tough belt test. But I’m taking the technique test and nage no kata test here, but I have
to travel about an hour and a half to do my randori part of the test in front of the head
of North Carolina Judo. So that’s going to be a long and tedious process, but it’s going
to be worth it, because I’ve been doing judo on and off for about 10 years now, I started
back in 2005, make that 11 years. Yeah that’s basically my belt test for Shodan in a nutshell.
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