Nelson WAGNER Comment se déplacer en Systema (russian martial art) lors d’une attaque

Get out the way do you see? just that Get out the way ok? Just get out the way let’s try? just that it is not like this he attacks and I walk what if he kicks like this (round kick) same thing do you see any difference just go back in his direction instead of doing this I do this Renan is there and he could be a problem It seems easy, but is not that easy it is just walking and your friend will kick he will start kicking you above the knee, above the knee not exactly in the knee becouse if you kick the knee you can injurie your partner so above the knee when I manage to take my leg out your partner could increase the level and speed not in the knee because if you hit the knee our training will finish I do not stop power with power it is not here but here see the source of the power if you are well trained or you can figure out were it is supposed to be there is no need to demonstrate the real thing when he attacks you you go into the problem another thing you can use your leg, see that? I go united with his movement try and see what you can do when he kicks If I do this, then I do that, he has time or if I do this, see See? If he trains karate? See I got out, it worked I get out and he can move, we are even He is ready for me And I am ready for him He is ready for me, I lost the timing Now when I do this what happened? where begins defence and attack? there is no defense and attack Defense and attack is a matter of time temporality If he starts first, we call it an attack If I start first we call it attack If he start first and then I move, it is call attack and defense if I punch him after he punch me, it is a defense If I punch before him, it is attack So what is the relationship about the punch isn’t it temporality? is not about time? before or after we call defense and attack Why we learn defense instead attack? counter attack? In reallity we do not learn defense and attack, we just learn attack Attack after being attacked, why? This is a question to be answered to yourselves because is self defense? Yes, it is a self defense, I am not a aggressor, I do not perpetuate violence I do not start the violence I need to answer it the violence If I start an attack I am an aggressor simple like that, in legal terms, there is something called Law. Everybody is subject to it, except the criminals As no one here is a criminal we all are under the law criminals do not respect any laws we, as citzens, are obligated to respect the law it is clear the difference? who is not under the law or you are in another level in which there is some legal flexibility we as mere mortals do not have this kind of flexibility, that is why we are under the law If I hit someone it is aggression we do not training in that way for that reason. We should always remember legal issues But who attacks and who defendes is bullshit is timing let´s imagine …. we are in a argument he closes his fist, step back and I punch him is it an attack or a defense? defense!! That is a defense prevention is the best medicine I am really sure that he will attack me One guy is walking towards me with a knife and I have a gun. when he reaches couples steps from me I shot him. Is that an attack or defense? there is not a knife attack yet In legal terms I felt threatened, because he had a knife in his hand I clearly saw my name in that blade I thought: it is him or me. And beetween him and me, I chose him It’s better to be judge by 7 than, carried by 6 better be judged than carried after the coffins lid it is closed, I’ve never seen anyone leave ok he attacks me move into him no walk backwards or side jumps if you will move, move towards him that way you can use your leg as I told you you can attack in your “defense” You take off the leg and you can attack with the leg not only with your hands include your legs in the game he attacks with the leg than “bom” ok let’s use our leg not only to defende but also to attack in response

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