Naoya Inoue vs Nonito Donaire – 2019 Fight of the Year?

This is Rummy’s Corner. Last Thursday morning from Saitama, Japan
– in a bantamweight championship unification bout that was broadcast in the US by the relatively
new powerhouse streaming app service known as DAZN – WBA bantamweight champion Nonito
Donaire squared off against IBF bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue. This was the final contest in the World Boxing
Super Series 118 pound tournament. This ultimately wound up being a terrific
contest between two highly skilled boxers who both exhibited tremendous heart and determination. It was a highly entertaining tactical chess
match with frequent short explosive moments scattered throughout the entire 12 rounds
of action. The main thing that made this contest so compelling
was the fact that Nonito Donaire was there to fight, and he was Inoue’s only opponent
to date who was able to stand up to the Monster’s methodical power attacks while also being
able to dish out some ample firepower of his own. Donaire fought a very smart fight and used
every bag of tricks at his disposal to try and make Inoue uncomfortable, and he had a
lot of successful moments where he forced Inoue to fight outside his comfort zone. The one thing that most impressed me with
Donaire is how he was seemingly shrugging off the brutal body assault from Inoue like
no one else to date. I think this might boil down to the fact that
Donaire has a damn good Poker face, because the one body shot that clearly did hurt him
– even with that devastating shot, Donaire tried maintaining his Poker face until the
pain reverberated through every fiber of his being. The knockdown aside, Donaire was absorbing
punishment downstairs like nobody’s business. Inoue also fought a very smart fight and he
answered a lot of questions regarding his heart, his durability, and his ability to
make adjustments and improvise as the situation dictated. Whenever Donaire was causing Inoue problems,
Inoue always kept his composure and remained calm under fire. Inoue was doing all of the little things he
needed to do in order to offset Donaire’s tactics. Inoue was adapting his range, he was mixing
up the variety on his already wide assortment of punches, and he was remaining focused while
staying true to his style as he fine-tuned his attacks in a way that became more defensively
responsible while still effectively remaining offensively oriented. At the end of the night it was a unanimous
decision for Inoue, with judge Luigi Boscarelli scoring it 116-111, judge Robert Hoyle had
it 114-113, and judge Octavio Rodriguez had it 117-109. With the victory, Naoya Inoue had just become
the new unified WBA/IBF bantamweight champion of the world. I personally had it 116-111 for Inoue, but
there were a lot of competitive rounds, so I thought the judges’ tallies well reflect
the fight as a whole. But what the judges cards can never accurately
reflect in this type of fight is the warrior mentality that was on full display by both
Inoue and Donaire – two champions who are at very different diverging points in their
respective careers. Of course, 2019 isn’t over just yet. We still have some big high level fights in
the near future, the two most notable being the heavyweight championship rematch between
unified WBA/IBF/WBO champion Andy Ruiz Jr and former champ Anthony Joshua. That one will be broadcast in the United States
on DAZN on December 7. And before that we also have another heavyweight
championship rematch on November 23 between WBC champion Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz. That one will be on FOX PPV. And there are other fights between now and
the end of the year, but at this point in time, the bout between Inoue and Donaire has
to be one of the top contenders for the 2019 Fight of the Year. 2019 has been a good year for boxing fans
where we’ve had some great really fights. And just to go through a few of them quickly: Back in May we had a Fox-PBC championship
bout between Jarrett Hurd and Julian Williams where J-Rock exhibited a fine display of infighting
prowess as he largely neutralized Hurd’s size and strength to earn himself a 12 round unanimous
decision. It was an upset victory for J-Rock who became
the unified WBA/IBF junior middleweight champion. In June we had the Fox-PBC phone booth slugfest
between Guillermo Rigondeaux and Julio Ceja. That was fun scrap to watch and it ended when
Rogondeaux landed a mean left hand to score an 8th round stoppage in this WBC super bantam
eliminator. Back in July we had the Fox-PPV welterweight
match-up between Keither Thurman and Manny Pacquiao, where Pac-Man was able to turn back
the clock to win the WBA welterweight title with a 12 round split decision victory. In July we also had the DAZN junior welterweight
unification bout between WBC champion Jose Ramirez and WBO champion Maurice Hooker. This one was a memorable battle where Ramirez
won by 6th round stoppage to become the unified 140 pound champion. In August we had the Fox-PBC heavyweight slugfest
between Adam Kownacki and Chris Arreola. This one broke a CompuBox records for the
most punches thrown and landed in a heavyweight contest. Kownacki emerged victorious with a decisive
12 round unanimous decision in that one. In September we had the Fox-PPV welterweight
unification contest between IBF champion Errol Spence Jr and WBC champion Shawn Porter. This one was an intriguing competitive clash
that was also thoroughly enjoyable. At the end of 12 rounds Spence was awarded
a split decision victory to become the unified welterweight champion. In October on Fox-PBC we had the World Boxing
Super Series 140 pound final match-up between Josh Taylor and Regis Prograis. This was a highly technical affair with a
lot of back-and-forth shifts in momentum. Taylor was awarded a 12 round majority decision
to become the unified WBA/IBF junior welterweight champion. Last month on ESPN+ we had the light heavyweight
unification bout between IBF champion Artur Beterbiev and WBC champion Oleksandr Gvozdyk. This was a fun one to watch where Beterbiev
ultimately scored an impressive 10th round stoppage to become the unified light heavyweight
world champion. Earlier this month on DAZN Canelo Alvarez
defeated Sergey Kovalev in a prolonged battle of attrition. Canelo scored a dramatic 11th round stoppage
against Kovalev to become the WBO light heavyweight world champion. And of course way back in June on DAZN we
had Andy Ruiz Jr scoring his sensational upset victory against Anthony Joshua. With that victory Ruiz Jr became the unified
IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight world champion. So there were a lot of good high profile high
stakes match-ups this year, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some others, but regardless I think
most fans would agree that all of these matches are deserving of a place in the discussion
for 2019 Fight of the Year. And with the recent sensational efforts from
Inoue and Donaire, that fight is also worthy of Fight of the Year consideration. In fact, the only fight I mentioned that I
believe has as strong of a case as Inoue vs Donaire is Ruiz Jr against AJ. The fact that one was an upset against an
undefeated unified champion in boxing’s marquee weight class inherently puts that one under
a brighter spotlight. Especially since most observers were expecting
Inoue to defeat Donaire going in, while not many were expecting Ruiz to defeat AJ. But in terms of pure entertainment value,
I actually think I found the contest between Inoue and Donaire to be slightly more captivating
than Ruiz vs AJ. Inoue-Donaire almost had a Pacquiao-Marquez
or a Barrera-Morales type of vibe to it with the back and forth elite level skill sets
being showcased. So the year isn’t over yet, and I’m not sure
if Inoue-Donaire is more deserving than Ruiz-Joshua. But I am certain that if Inoue-Donaire isn’t
the best fight so far in 2019, it’s definitely on a very short list, because that was one
hell of a fight, and I for one, cannot wait to see where Inoue goes from here. It was announced afterwards that Inoue suffered
a fracture of his orbital bone during the fight, so hopefully that doesn’t interfere
with his career going forward now that he is signed with Top Rank. Because the victory over Donaire answered
a lot of questions people had about Inoue, and I believe that victory solidified Inoue’s
status as one of the Top 5 pound for pound boxers in the world today. So what do you think is the 2019 Fight of
the Year so far, and what did you think of Inoue’s victory against Donaire? Please share your thoughts in the comments
section. Thanks for watching everyone, I hope you enjoyed,
and have a wonderful night. This is Rummy’s Corner.

100 Replies to “Naoya Inoue vs Nonito Donaire – 2019 Fight of the Year?

  1. A good puncher focuses the explosive strength of his entire body into a precise acute application of force upon his opponent. Inoue does this brilliantly. Thanks, Rummy.

  2. Inoue now has a proven, rock solid chin. Donaire couldn't put him down despite landing punches that would have put almost every other fighter on the canvas in those weight classes. Inoue looks more and more like a Golovkin style fighter. The rest of the fighters in and around that weight class must be terrified.

    He'll have another fight perhaps by the summer of 2020 and it's going to be on ESPN as the featured fight. I want to see him clean the division up by beating Tete before he moves up to 122 and then, eventually 126 to take on Lomachenko in two years.

  3. Loma v Campbell was my favorite fight this year. I hope Campbell gets a rematch one day. Inoue has to be one of the best. He's beating the best so he deserves that distinction

  4. Donaire was knocked out by that body shot for about a 14 count – slow count from the referee who also blocked Inoue from moving in while donaire was still on his feet. Worst job of officiating this year.

  5. Inoue looked like the much smaller man in there and I'm surprised he was able to even hurt Donaire. Inoue is fighting above his optimal weight and he's not built like Pacquiao, so I hope he stays at 122 and possibly fights Rigo. I would like to Inoue fight Unlike a 36 year old Kovalev, who sold his title for $12 million, Donaire fought his ass off to keep his.

  6. If I ever wanted to see a rematch of a fight it's this one. I have loved Donaire ever since he knocked Vic Darchinyan
    out with that crazy counter punch all those years ago.

  7. 100% best fight of the year.

    Also Inoue is p4p no 1 as far as I'm concerned.

    Agree or disagree would love to have a good chat with someone 🙂 send your replies.

  8. Same here Rummy. 116-111 for Inoue. I still felt like I was walking a tightrope the entire fight so I completely understand the 114-113 card as well.

  9. No lie this fight was all that from both fighters but the showing of "CLASS" was on display from both of them. For one champ to ask the other champion could he hold the "ALI CHAMPSHIP" to bring home for his 2 sons and the new champ to allow it is every bit of "CLASS" that these two men have, and gave us fans a fight for the ages is incerdable. And that's why I love Boxing always!!!! Thanl you both you both are true champions forever in my eyes!!!!

  10. I'd say you forgot Plant vs Uzcategui. That was an awesome fight this year as well.

    But for me, the fight of the year so far is Spence vs Porter. But we'll see how the last two big time heavyweight bouts play out in these next two months.

    Thanks again for another great video Rummy!

  11. you are absolutely right
    For me that has been the fight of the year
    It has all we would ask to a boxing fight: technique, ko, drama, heart, speed, incertitude (at least during most of the fight, I'd say until 10th round)

  12. Rummy my man, I hope you have one eye on cash Farooq v Lee mcgreagor in a all Scottish affair.
    Glasgow v Edinburgh, British champ v commonwealth.

  13. Rummy i have to ask, are you getting a cheque from dazn? If not i hope your generosity is rewarded with some press credentials. Keep it up buddy, always enjoy your work.

  14. I don't know about 2019 fights, but the GREATEST FIGHT OF ALL TIME was when Mr. Spock fought Captain Kirk for the right to mate with T'Pring (Spock's woman).

  15. Yeah this was my fight of the year so far. AJ ruiz, while a good upset was actually too one sided to be anywhere near as captivating for me.

  16. Hey Rummy love the channel, by the year so far he's got to beat Errol Spence and Shawn Porter it's like back I think Shawn Porter when it was definitely the most exciting fight this year so far we still got AJ and wilders fights coming up so we'll see

  17. I have said for months this guy is something very special, Tremendous heart,chin and guts from both was a incredible fight, easily the best of the year so far! I think Inoue will unify and be a 4 weight champ minimum Superstar in the making, pound for pound top 3 minimum

  18. Not sure about FOTY but is definitely the best pronunciation of Rigondeaux ever.
    Love your work Rummy. Must Watch Channel Of The Year.

  19. I wonder what saying, "relatively new powerhouse streaming app service" pays?

    J/K…great video as always. Best boxing channel on YT.

  20. What an incredible boxer Inoue is. Fight of the year indeed. Rounds, 9.10.11 wow, beautiful boxing from Inoue. Great fight

  21. that was a real fight! Much better than Floyd jr tagging and running all night! when the monster Japanese landed that body shot Donaire got his first experience of real power. As the rounds lasted to the end,, Donaire proved he was a true warrior . i could watch this action for months and never get bored as i woukd May runner a sad chimpion. Crawford is a best champion over floyd jr. And Manny is the top champion of any century as i pardon his losses to Latinos in his past bouts.

  22. Nobody really expected Inoue to get found out when someone put it on him did they? He's Japanese. They commit Hari Kari before they think of giving up.

  23. Kovalev vs Canelo was boring AF. You had the bigger man Kovalev fighting like a little bitch, then when things get tough he quits. Canelo could not hurt GGG or Jacobs and he suddenly KOs Kovalev. Kovalev quit like the quitter he is. He wanted a way out

  24. Ritson vs. Davies Jr was a great fight, i would have that number 3 behind Taylor vs. Prograis and Inoue vs. Donaire

  25. The punch spirit of Saitama suddenly embraced the left hand of Naoya and hit the reality of Donaire. Makunochi dropped his popcorn while watching the tape and shock conquered the entire kamugawa boxing gym 😂

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