MVP: Where Are They Now?

100 Replies to “MVP: Where Are They Now?

  1. MVP was one of the best heels in WWE back in the day. After leaving TNA, he should have got one final run in WWE.

  2. Always wondered where he went. I’ll always remember MVP!! His part on WWE Smackdown vs Raw featuring ECW 2011 was awesome!!!!!

  3. I loved his character!
    He had it all.
    The swag, in ring, mic skills and good physique.
    I missed him!
    Glad he is doing well.
    Very happy for them.
    Great story!

  4. I could listen to this man's life story like it's new Every Damn Day. Easily one of the most inspiring origins in the business

  5. Why doesn't WWE do a follow up with Carlito? I mean, he was never released. He left on his own terms because the company was already ending the ruthless aggression era. Do some research people.

  6. Man this era of WWE was the greatest. MVP is as real as it gets. The guy has a story behind him that I only just learned.

  7. The most underrated WWE Superstar in history. I miss his theme song playing on smackdown… Please come back MVP!

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