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Everybody, hands up. Give me the locker keys quickly. My name is Chingam. It is impossible to run out of Chingam’s web. Hands up you are under arrest. Drop your weapons Motu uncle. My Motu and Patlu uncle have come. Yeah!! Motu, what are you doing? Please, leave me. Motu, please leave me. Oh, sorry! In my dream, I was beating up the goons. Today, there is a Martial Arts champion ship. If you want to fight, then go and participate in that. Why are you breaking my bones? Motu and Patlu, why are you so late? Fight is about to start. As all of you know that Tiger Chang challenges everyone around the world
for a martial fight. And nobody has defeated him ever. This time, he has challenged the people of Furfuri Nagar. And the boxer of Furfuri Nagar is going to fight with them. Boxer! Boxer! Boxer! And now, the one and only greatest martial art fighter, the world champion Tiger Chang is coming. Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Listen people of Furfurinagar, I don’t say this but people say that it is possible to be saved from the attack of a tiger. And it’s quite impossible to be saved from the attack of Tiger chang. Ok start fight. I already said that I don’t say this but the people say that it is possible to be saved from the attack of a tiger. And it’s quite impossible to be saved from the attack of Tiger Chang. Is there anyone who may dare to fight with me? Is there any brave man in Furfuri Nagar. If there is nobody. Then everyone says, Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Oh, my lord! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Loud! I cannot hear properly. Louder!! Haha.Yes, Mr. Mayor there is not a single brave man in Furfuri Nagar. All are cowards. Now, till I don’t go from here, everybody should keep eyes theirs low. Anyone who raises his head and sees towards me, he’ll have to fight with me. You don’t have any right to insult our Furfuri Nagar and its residents Motu and Patlu, please stop. Today, I’ll have to inform him that it is impossible to get out of Chingam’s web. Tiger Chang, I can’t tolerate the insult of Furfuri Nagar . You want to see the brave man of Furfuri Nagar. Isn’t it? I’ll show you. Chingam sir, please don’t do this. No!! You, please don’t stop me. Today, I’ve to tell Tiger Chang that, there is no shortage of brave men in Furfuri Nagar. Tiger Chang, you want to see the brave man of Furfuri Nagar. Isn’t it? Then, see there. Oh, my lord! Chingam is very clever. He has saved himself and trapped Motu. Come on Motu, show him that there is no shortage of brave men here. Everybody say with me. Motu. Motu. Motu. Motu. Motu. Motu. Motu. Motu, you can’t fight with him. You don’t know martial Arts. Someone will have to fight for the respect of Fufuri Nagar. We can’t tolerate our insult like this silently. Motu, think once again. You’re not a fighter. You can’t fight with Tiger Chang. To save the respect of Furfuri Nagar, I can not only fight with tiger. But I can even fight with a dinosaur. Motu! Motu! Motu! Motu! Motu! Motu! Motu, now it is too much. Accept your defeat No, never. I’ll fight till my last breath for Furfuri Nagar’s respect The residents of Furfuri Nagar, always remember that I don’t say this but the people say that it is possible to be saved from the attack of a tiger. And it’s impossible to be saved from the attack of Tiger Chang. Tiger Chang, I did not lose because I cannot fight or not because that I am not a brave person. I lost because I don’t know martial arts. Today, in front of everyone I challenge you that I will learn Martial Arts. And I will defeat you in your own village. I accept your challenge. I will wait but remember it is possible to get saved from a tiger’s attack. And it is impossible to get saved from Tiger Chang’s attack. Tiger Chang, you’ve beaten me too much. I’ve punched you only two or there times, but those punches were very solid. Just see your eyes, they look very beautiful. Motu, why have you challenged Tiger Chang? You know very well that you can’t defeat him Motu can defeat anyone. Congratulations, Motu, no matter that you’ve lost the fight; but you’ve won the hearts of many people. You’ve proved that you’re a very brave man. Motu, the quality and fighting spirit, which is inbuilt in you can make you a very good fighter of martial arts. And you can even defeat Tigher Chang. Sir, will you teach me martial arts? If you want to defeat Tiger Chang, you’ll have to learn martial arts from that master who taught Tiger Chang. And his name is Master Himnaresh. But nowadays, he doesn’t teach anybody. In case if you make him agree to teach you, then you can definitely defeat Tiger Chang Sir, where does he live? We all will take Motu to him and will help him in learning martial arts. Yes, please tell us immediately, where does Master Himnaresh live? We all will go with Motu. The school of Master Himnaresh is situated in Himgaon. Himgaon is located on the top of Himalayas Mountains. And after learning martial arts, you’ll not require going very far to fight with Tiger Chang. His village Kaalagaon is also located on another hill in front of Himgaon. Patlu, let’s get ready for going to Himgaon. That is Himgaon and no bus or car or jeep goes there. You’ll have to go there by walking only. Purchase these vegetables. Sir it’s made of pure wool. Sir, please purchase these fruits. These are very fresh. Sir, sir, these are herbals. Sir, this side. Sir don’t listen to him. Hello sir. We don’t wish to purchase anything. Don’t trouble us. Just tell us that whether the school of Master Himnaresh is on the top. Isn’t it? Yes, sir, it is on the top. Over there. Coach Cimba had said that Tiger Chang’s village is located on a hill opposite to Master Himnaresh’s village. Then that should be Tiger’s Chang’s village.

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That’s Kaalgaon village.That is Dingbang’s village. Tiger Chang works for him. Who is this Dingbang? Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Silent please, Head Dingbang is coming Haha!! Tiger Chang, how are you? What about your journey involving winning the world? Master Dingbang, my journey has been very nice. Nobody could defeat me. Now all have come to the conclusion that it is possible to be saved from the attack of a tiger but it is impossible to be saved from the attack of Tiger Chang. Haha!!! Very good!! You’ve made the name of my school famous in the whole world. Now the people even from far places will come here to learn martial arts. Now let’s see that you still possess the same power, as earlier. Don’t be scared. Take this. Master, did you notice only 10 persons could remain standing. Haha. Now, I will show the sample of my power. Students, please stand again on the same place. Haha!! Tiger Chang!! You require some more practice. Brother. Is this Master Himnaresh’s house? Yes. Over there. You people don’t do your work properly. See, there is so much dirt everywhere. If you want to do work, then do it properly. Otherwise don’t do it. What do you say in English? Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Now go inside and clean the house properly. Excuse me. What do you want? Why have you come here? From where have you come? Who send you here? What we say in English, why come? Why come? We want to meet Master Himnaresh. He is Motu and wants to learn martial arts from him. Why do you want to learn? What for do you want to learn? Master Himnaresh doesn’t meet with anybody and also doesn’t teach martial arts to anyone. Go back just now. Go back. Go from here. Who are you to send us back? We’ve to talk with Master Himnaresh. Who am I? My name is Mukri. Here, without my approval, even one leaf doesn’t move. What do we say in English? Leaf, don’t move. What to do now? Come, let’s make some arrangement for food. I am feeling very hungry. Why are you worried about food? First, let us do the work for which we’ve have come. Smell. Beautiful aroma. I am hungry. Ghost!! Oh my lord, before the other servants come here to search the ghost, let’s run outside. We cannot run. We have to stay here. And anyhow we’ve to convince Master Himnaresh to teach me Martial Arts. Idea. We should afraid all the servants by becoming ghosts. And compel them to run from here and after that, we’ll do their jobs. Therefore, by living here, we’ll get time to meet Master Himnaresh. And we can convince him to teach me Martial Arts. But how will we become ghost? If one servant got scared, it doesn’t mean all will get scared. If we’ve to become a ghost, we should look like real ghosts and should fly in the air like ghosts. Only then all servants will be scared and will run from here. But how will we fly? Listen, this is very easy. My flying helmet and flying shoes will be helpful. Why are you beating me? When you were having a flying helmet, why you compelled us to climb thousands of stairs. And compelled us to complete such a long journey by walking. Dear friend, very sorry. Actually, I had forgotten. Now come to me, I’ll make you ghost immediately. They can’t see this black colored helmet in the dark night. And they will feel that you’re flying. There is nothing like a ghost. It’s just your doubt. You’ve grown so old and you are still getting scared. Patlu, see those four men. I’ll eat the two men standing on this side. Okay, then I’ll eat the remaining two. You guys get fresh & come to the dining table. Hey come back, there is an area of ghosts. You can’t go outside of this gate. Come back, it’s our dinner time. We’ll not come back. Okay, don’t come, but you will have to come tomorrow in the morning. We’ll eat you for our breakfast. Now, we’ll never come here. Neither on breakfast nor in lunch. Bye Come, now let’s eat food in the kitchen. And tomorrow, we’ll ask Mukri for a job. All the servants have vanished; I’ll have to do all the work. Because of you, not a single servant works here regularly. You give so much trouble to everyone and compel them to run from here. Good morning sir. I refused you yesterday and again today you’ve come. Go from here within a minute. What we say in English, I’ll compel them to run by beating again and again. We’ll not go from here without meeting with master Himnaresh. No one can compel us to run. Master Himnaresh! Master Himnaresh!! Who is under us? Haha, grand Pa, have you seen them? Hey, my name is Chingam. Inspector Chingam. I can’t tolerate my insult. Stop laughing; otherwise. Haha! Haha! Taste it. It’s very tasty. Very tasty. Grandfather, you also drink it. Sir, we’ve come from Furfuri Nagar. You give us any sort of work. We want to live with you and want to serve you. You people have come here to do work. And we are in urgent need of servants. What we say in English, needing, needing Master, shall we give them chance to do work? This is the kitchen. Now prepare the food. Whatever help you need, what we say in English, help. Tell me. I’m here only You, prepare the food. I and Ghasitaram will go in the garden & water the plants. I’ve 20 years of experience of watering the plants. You cook the food. And I’ll make sauces of green chilly. I am an expert for that. Where is flour? Brother Mukri, where is the tin of flour? Ohh! Sorry! Oops! Oh, what are you doing? Oh! Chillies! Water!!! Patlu I asked for water & not for hot water. It is very hot Master, for the first time we have prepared soup. Please forgive us if something lacks in the soup. Next time, we’ll prepare better than this. Yes, Not so bad. I’ve not appointed you for making food for me. Mukri can also do that work. I’ve appointed you because since when Tim Tim has come to his senses, I’ve never seen him so happy & laughing so much. He has started laughing after you all came here. He has laughed so much for the first time. You make him happy. Rest of the things will be handled by Mukri. Master, Thank you. Anyway, we’ve also not come here to cook food. I’ve to learn martial arts from you. I’ll be very grateful if you teach me martial arts. I don’t teach anybody. I’ve stopped giving martial arts training long back. Patlu, when I am hungry, my brain does not function properly. You please, think something. How to convince Master Himnaresh, to teach me martial arts? Idea Patlu, Will your idea work? Yes, it will work 100%. We will trap Master Himnaresh in the net. Motu will beat us and will save him from us. Master will be very happy and he’ll accept Motu as his student. But, if this plan fails, Master will beat us like anything. Haha. We’re very dangerous criminals. We will kidnap you. Hey, who are you? Leave master Himnaresh; otherwise, I will get angry. Oh, my lord! Master, sorry, we’ve committed a mistake. Oh, my god! Sorry, sir. Very sorry. Don’t beat us. It all happened because of Motu. We’re very sorry, we’re not goons; sir, we’re gentlemen. Why did you all do this drama? Sorry, sir, I thought if I save you from goons. Then perhaps you’ll be happy with me and may start teaching me martial arts. Never try to adopt wrong means for achieving right things. You can’t learn the martial art. Just see your body. How can you learn martial arts when you’re having such a big tummy? I will reduce this tummy within a day. Okay, if you reduce your tummy, I’ll teach you to learn martial arts. Motu, how will you reduce your tummy? I want my grandfather to teach you martial arts. Tim Tim, People who try never get defeated. You’re very stubborn. But you can’t convince me this way. In my opinion, you should go back. Grandfather. Tim Tim, I always think if a man decides firmly, he can do anything. Even, he can cut the mountain and make the way. But perhaps you grandfather is not seeing my firm decision. It’s my fault that I couldn’t make him understand properly. No problem, I’ll definitely learn martial arts; if not here then in some other place. You don’t worry, I’ll regularly come to meet you.

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Grand father, please stop Motu. I’ve never asked for anything from you, today for the first time I want something from you. Please stop Motu. Motu, why are you doing all this to learn martial arts? There must be some solid reason. If I think that the reason is right, I’ll make you learn martial arts. Is it? Sir, the story goes back to a few days ago, when Tiger Chang came to Furfuri Nagar. You want to learn martial arts to defeat Tiger Chang No sir, I don’t want to defeat anyone. To, bring back the lost pride of my Furfuri Nagar, I want to defeat Tiger Chang. It‘s one and same thing, but I liked your way of talking. I want to appreciate your courage, but it is very difficult to defeat Tiger Chang. I’ve trained him like my own student, like my own son. I’ve brought up Tiger Chang like my own child. I taught him each and every thing of the holy book of martial arts. Tiger, this book is with our family for the past 500 years. And there are many secrets of martial arts in this book, which nobody knows about. Tiger’s happiness became the goal of my life. He learnt everything very soon. The day when his training was over, I was extremely happy Tiger Chang, today you’ve completed your martial arts training. Now you can take my place and run the school and I can take retirement. Hello! Master Himnaresh Master Dingbang, you and here? I heard that you want to take retirement. So, I’ve come here to help you. Please sell your holy book of martial arts to me. I’ll give you so much gold and silver that you can lead your whole life easily. The holy book of martial is not for sale. You may go. Master Himnaresh, think carefully, I’ll give you plenty of gold, silver, and diamonds. Whatever amount you may not be able to earn with this school in 100 years, I can give you 1000 times more money than that in a single day. Is it true? Tiger Chang, when elders are talking, children shouldn’t interfere. Go from here. Sir, Forgive me. Master just think I’m that kind of man who if sees towards the sun, then darkness occurs. The thing which I don’t get on request, I take that thing forcefully. Dingbang!!! Dingbang, that holy book is our life; it is our heart beat. It’s our breath and if some talks to purchase it, I’ll teach him a good lesson. Himnaresh always remember I’m that kind of man who if sees towards the sun, then darkness occurs. Tiger Chang, you look a wise man. Master Himnaresh has rejected my offer; but you think about that, you’ll enjoy whole life. Otherwise, world knows I’m that kind of man who if sees towards the sun, then darkness occurs. Tiger Chang!! Training starts tomorrow in the morning at 5 a.m. Long Live!! Brother, show that thing. Oh dear, we’ve to come so down. I’ll die. You people go and do shopping. I’ll take rest. Hey, quickly, quickly, throw this side. Oh, which type of game is this? Haha! They’re playing football. Nobody has taught them properly. See, they are doing a lot of fouls. They’re not doing any foul. This game is like this only. This is game is called Dragon Ball. They’re required to throw the ball by legs in the mouth of a dragon. Oh just see, people from Furfuri Nagar have come. Team of Furfuri Nagar has come with their captain Motu. Haha, come let’s play a match Let’s go from here. He is Mingli. He came along with Tiger Chang to fight with me. Yes, he is the same guy and he is very bad. Come, let’s go. Haha! You got scared. Oh, have the brave men of Furfuri Nagar become scared? Yes, friends see here, he is Motu, he has challenged Tiger Chang. Come, you may score the goal with hands and we’ll score the goal with legs. If you’ve courage, then come; otherwise return to your houses calmly. Let the people of this place know, that such cowards are born in Furfuri Nagar. Now it’s enough. He is speaking too much. We’ll have to tell the shoe that its place is in the legs and not on the head. Come, friends, we can score the goal with hands Come, now we’ll not move back. We’ll face the consequences. We’ll score the goal with hands and you all score with legs. Our legs are sufficient for you. Ok. Start the game Oh my god, leave my nose!! Oh no, goal post is on that side. Oh, why it is so dark here? Mama. Switch on the lights. This is cheating. Instead of shooting the ball, you’re harming them. This is foul. Haha!! They may also beat us. We’ve not stopped them. Everything is allowed in this game. Oh, they will kill me. Okay, they’re doing cheating, we’ll have to teach them a lesson. Motu eat this and get ready. Children, go to your homes. Mummy is calling you. One more game. One more? Still, you’re ready, after being beaten so badly? Score of both the team is equal now. Last one minute is remaining and after that, the game will be over. Yeah, we’ve won!! Motu, how did you do this? Come, I’ll tell you. We also have some secrets. How is this possible? How did Motu do this? I’ll ask them. Nobody can do like this. Motu! Motu! Hey Motu how did you do that? We don’t tell secrets of our game to anybody. No problem, when you’ll fight with Tiger Chang, he’ll beat you and will ask you. And he’ll beat you up to that extent that you’ll become flat like earth. Earth is not flat, it is round. Earth is flat. Just see down below, nothing is round. Everywhere, it’s flat. Yes, you go yourself and see whether it’s round or not? I want to open one more school. Search some big place. From where you’ve fallen down. Boss the earth is round, the earth is round. I’m coming after seeing it, the earth is round. I’m coming after traveling the whole galaxy. He gave me only one punch and has shown me the whole galaxy. Boss, that Motu is very powerful. Don’t fight with him. Boss, he has come to defeat you. What rubbish are you talking? Guard take him to the doctor. Due to getting hurt on his head, he is talking rubbish. Boss, don’t fight with Motu. He has come with full preparations. He has shown me that earth is round. He’ll show you too. He is taking training from Master Himnaresh. Who is this Motu? I have already told you that in Furfuri Nagar, one man even after getting defeated by me. Has challenged me, that he’ll defeat me in my own village. He is the same person. He has come here and is taking training from master Himnaresh. Tiger Chang, you start your preparations. I can’t take any risk. He has come here to fight with you and is taking training with Master Himnaresh. Definitely, he must be having something special in him. Start your training with full swing. Always remember two words focus and faith. Pay full focus on whatever things you’re doing and have faith that you can do it. Yes, Master! First of all go down in the market and bring water and fill this drum. When this will be full, then further training will be started. Yes, master! We’ve to go so down and will have to bring water. It’s not possible. I can go down but how I will bring the water up. Master has asked me intentionally to do all this. So that he may not make me learn martial arts For martial arts, both body & mind should be equally strong. This exercise is for this thing. Come, I’m with you. We all are with you. Though, we’re also with you. But if we go down, who will cook food for the master. I and Dr. Jhatka are going to cook food. I will also accompany you. Motu, you don’t worry. No, Chingam sir, you do rest of the work of the house like watering the garden, cleaning etc. I and Tim Tim will go with Motu. Enough, I can’t walk more. We’ll take little rest & after that again we’ll start Focus and faith. Grand father told that you don’t focus on stairs, focus on water. And you’ll not come to know that when you’ve come down. Oh, now I will focus on water. Ready. Water!! Water!! Patlu, where are you? I can’t walk anymore and I’m unable to focus. Faith is also lost. Oh, my legs are wounded; more over the buckets of water. Motu focus, focus. Ok, the number of times you’ll come and go from down to up, I’ll give you one samosa to eat each time. Yes, samosa. Long live! Now see my focus. TimTim if you feel tiresome, you can stop. Samosa!!! Samosa!!! Samosa!!! How he came so fast? On the first day, nobody returns. Motu this is not possible. How have you done this? Master, you can get done any sort of work from him by calling the name of samosa. When he thinks about samosa, he forgets everything. And he is filled with so much energy that he can do any sort of work. Then, what is the necessity of learning martial arts? Eat samosa and defeat Tiger Chang. Master, if I eat samosa, then this fight will not be of equal standards. I want to defeat him with the equal standard; so that I may bring back the pride of my Furfuri Nagar. I felt very nice on seeing that you’re a brave & honest man. As on thinking about samosa, you can do anything, it’s called focus. If you can do anything by focusing on samosa, it does mean you can focus on anything and always remember about this. Positions of the hand should be this way. Give more power to your hands and keep it strong Don’t keep it loose, if anybody hits you, then you can block him. Oh my lord, he cannot do such a simple task. Look, I have 20 years of experience of walking on the bamboos. Haha! Motu look, here what it is. Motu you forget what I said, focus on samosa and confidence comes inside
you. That you can do any thing for it, same way do it in martial arts training. Remember focus and faith. Motu don’t focus on your Nunchaku but focus on ball, then automatically Nunchaku will hit the ball. If you will focus on the ball then this small ball, will appear like a football to you & you won’t miss it. Focus in the same way as you focus on samosa. Hey, listen I thought you had killed me and had sent me to the sky. But the doctor said it was my illusion. I was day dreaming. Can anybody send someone in the sky just by punching? Motu showed you that earth is round, didn’t he? It was my illusion, my dream, I told you the earth is flat, not round. Your geography is really bad, ok listen this time. You will come to know some thing else, the sun is hot, and the moon is cool. Motu you eat samosa, you might be hungry. Until that time I will give him pen & paper, he will go up and note everything. Ready? Steady? Go? Ouch! It is very hot. Oops .It is very cold. Got a message that Master Himnaresh is training Motu with full energy. This news is not good for you, Tiger Chang. You don’t worry I will defeat that Motu in one moment. Oh, no not again! Now from where did you fall? Boss don’t fight with him, he has made me understand that the moon is cool and the sun is hot. I witnessed it myself. I felt it myself. Sun is hot. Very hot. And the moon is cold. Very cold. Listen to me boss, don’t fight with him, he will send you also on a trip to the sun and the moon. Guards take him to the doctors. Boss. Please understand. He is a brave man. Very brave. He is a warrior. I feel truthfulness in his talks. Tonight my men will kill Motu. I don’t want that he should come here and defeat you. And insult us. Master trust me. I will defeat him I trust you but not Motu, even if an ant goes inside an elephant’s trunk it defeats him. Talks about tours of sun and moon seem bit dangerous. Don’t know what powers he has got. Motu, you will not see tomorrow’s morning. Hey, who is there? Who is there? Motu Patlu come soon. How did master do this? Tell Dingbang if he sees, here again, then he won’t be able to see anything in his life. Master, how did you do all this? This is not Martial arts This is also martial arts but its very advanced stage of martial arts. And to learn this style, many years of practice is required. For learning this style of martial art, great concentration, great focus, and belief in one’s self is required. Will you teach me this type of martial arts? Motu I told you it requires years of practice. Whatever you are learning now just concentrate on it Yes master. Motu today is the last day of your training, now you can challenge Tiger Chang. Master, you have done a great favor on me by making me your disciple I don’t have words to thank you. Motu is correct Master, you did a great favor on Motu by teaching him Martial arts Come get ready to fight with Tiger Chang. 1 minute. What are you doing? Nothing just like that, whatever I was trying to do if that would have been done then my training must have been completed Motu your training is completed. Trust me, go and take some rest. Tim Tim will take you to Tiger Chang to fight with him You will not come? I cannot leave my school and go anywhere. You fight. I will pray to God for your success. Tiger!!! Tiger!!!! Tiger!!! Many times I told Tiger chang but he doesn’t listen to me. Today he will go on a trip to the sun and the moon. Really. You are correct. Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Coach Cimba, what happened? Where are the people of Furfuri Nagar? They have not yet come Master Dingbang. Haha. And they will not come also. They know that it’s easy to get saved from Tiger’s attack. But impossible to get saved from Tiger Chang’s attack. I can’t believe that I can fly as well. It’s so much fun. Master Dingbang, this is Motu Patlu and their friends. And Motu he is the owner of Kalgaon, Master Dingbang. We are sorry for coming late. Dr. Jhatka you do your preprations. What is this? Dingbang my friend, my elder brother, this is a camera and dish antenna. We want Furfuri Nagar who had seen Motu being beaten very badly, now they should see Tiger Chang being beaten by Motu This will be a direct live telecast from here. Motu! Motu! Motu! Motu! Motu! Motu! Haha. Today again they will see Motu being beaten up. Friends, Motu from Furfuri Nagar has come who had challenged Tiger Chang. We welcome him. It’s good to see that you have learned at least something from Master Himnaresh. Motu today will be the last fight of your life. Stop talking and start fighting, let’s see whose last fight it will be mine or yours. Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger Chang, Stop laughing and start fighting. Tiger Chang. Fight. Oh, my lord! How will he fight? Look at his condition. Motu, be careful. This is cheating, in a martial arts fight, you can not use super powers. I fight to win, I haven’t lost to anyone till now and today also I will not loose. Focus and faith remember these two words. Focus on what you are doing & have faith in yourself that you can do anything. Well done, Motu. Motu you can do it. You have learned this as well. No this cannot happen, how he can learn so much in such a short duration. Oh, my god! Motu can do any thing The winner of this fight is Motu from Furfuri Nagar. No, you can not win and go from here Guards nobody should escape from here today. Hey! Stop in the name of the law. I swear you in the name of Mother India. Patlu, when I am hungry, I cannot think properly. You think of something. Idea, Motu you continue your fight and I will make Chingam sir fight as well. Chingam sir, keep firing. One punch! Hit me as well! Please. Boss, see the sun is hot and the moon is cold. I warned you but you didn’t listen to me. Stop it Motu. It is easy to escape from Tiger Chang’s attack but impossible to be saved from Motu’s attack. If Motu will stare at the sun, then the sun will also become blind. Please forgive us we don’t want to go on the sun and the moon again. Ok, I forgive you but first go and get the ancient book of martial arts belonging to Master Himnaresh. From now onwards, if you again harass Master Himnaresh then we will come back again. Got it. Ok! We understood. Master here is the sacred book of martial arts. It means you have won. Congratulations! What do we say in English, kaun gra tu le ton. Not kaun gra tu le ton but congratulations. This would not have been possible without your training. This would not have been possible without your firm dedication. You have taught to everyone that if a person decides to do something, then anything is possible. One more thing people understood that it is possible to escape from Tiger Chang’s attack.

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