Motu Ki Self Defence – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Hey Patlu, come, fast. I am walking, how more quickly can I walk? I am a man not a bird that I will fly and reach there. Wish we were, if we were birds we would fly around anywhere, we would go anywhere, anytime. But when a bird catcher would have caught you in a net, some eagle would have caught you in the claws. If any monkey would have thrown you down from the nest. Patlu don’t dream about all the bad things, this is called making a mountain out of a mole hill. If I stay with you today then without eating only my appetite will disappear, I am going. Hey stop, I was just joking Motu. Hey, have you put a blindfold on your eyes? Sorry big brother, I was in a hurry, I am going to the tea vendor’s shop, I am very hungry. Ok, I will help you, takes this. We were not in such a hurry. Motu you wanted to fly, now you are flying, that also without wings. Brother, I have seen snow fall from the sky, mangoes fall from trees, coconuts fall from the tree. Today I am seeing humans falling for the first time. Don’t you feel ashamed, spraying salt on the burns? By the way I have spices also, if you say shall I spray that also. Enough of this insult, I cannot take it any, I am leaving. Hey, where are you going Motu? Wait. I am going away to learn self defense. When I will come back I will take care of everybody. Until now I have got beaten up a lot. From now on I will face them in a stronger way than what I am right now. Hey brother wait, eat the samosas and then go. Sometimes it costs to make fun, this is called cutting your own feet with the axe. May all the bitter medicines fall in to your mouth. Look there, here he comes Motu my friend, our friend. Motu, where did you disappear? Without you every moment here felt like a year. Patlu my friend, I had gone to learn self defense. Now I will beat up everyone, who all has beaten me, let’s go and see who wants to fight? Hey Boxer, why did you punch me that day? Today I will take revenge of each punch. Tell me will you ever beat me again? Sorry Motu, that happened because I was angry, don’t know why I get angry so quickly? You are a good person, don’t mind, my brother. How can I hit him now? He hugged me and went away. Hey Boxer, you cannot go like this Boxer, today I have to fight with you at any cost, come face me. Sorry Motu brother, I will never again punch you, I have done a mistake by mistake. Hey Patlu, what should I do now? I had learn self defense for this purpose only. No matter, if not him someone else. Yes that’s fine, let’s go and beat John. Today I won’t leave you, John the Don. But I have done nothing. That is why I am beating you up in advance, you won’t get time to do anything. Tell me when will you leave all this robbing and thieving? Hey Motu brother you are mistaken, I had not come here to rob but to purchase jewelry with my money. Now if you are saying so I will leave. What have you done Motu? He had come to purchase jewelry and you made him to run away from here. If the shop won’t run then what will we eat and what will we save? How will the shop run big brother, there aren’t any legs of the shop. But you do have legs, then go, get out of here, not of any use for any work instead enemy of food grains. What you are thinking right now? Go, get out of here. Tell me tea shop owner, what were you telling me that day? It was my fault I that I told you something wrong, from that day on wards sale of my samosas have gone down. My samosas sell when you come to eat them, take eat this samosas. Pay me later, it’s like we are house members. Today the sun has risen from the west, Motu now what will you do? What is all this happening, why nobody is ready to fight with me? Patlu, now you come and fight with me. What is all this happening? Motu, your brain has gone to eat grass or what? You are my friend, how can I fight with you? I have worked so hard, but to no benefit, I cannot show it to anyone. Motu, It seems the donkey has also learn self defense. My entire hard work is wasted, somebody fight with me. Why are you robbing them? If you have the guts try to rob me. What to rob from you? You will not even have a single rupee. We won’t waste our tie on you. Move away from here or else we will beat you up. Patlu did you hear that? They said they are going to beat me up. Come beat me up. Thank you, at least someone has showed the guts, come. Ok, leave it. Why? Are you afraid? You turned out to be a loser. He is in the mood of getting beaten up, let’s beat him up. Patlu, look at me, stop the punch like this, this way. Patlu did you understand what I am telling you, like this. Hey Motu, do not teach me, hit them, fight with them. Hey is this a person or a washing machine, without soap and water he is washing us, someone help. This is just a trailer, there is lots more to come, real fight will happen now. Thank you Motu!!!

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