Modern Arnis Flow Drill #12: Same Side Pose

Hey there, we’re going to do Flow Drill
#12 which is the same side pose. It starts out the same way as every other
Flow Drill. We’ll spend the first 15 to 20 seconds on
the slap off followed by the tapi tapi block. Let’s do this. Do that. Practice that. And we’ll follow up in the next section. Now we’re going to focus on the same side
pose. And uh… You’ll see the sequence. We start off here. We’re going to grab this stick and step
back with this foot. This stick ends up on the forearm. This is resting above my shoulder. I’m going to take this stick and throw it
at Alex’s face. He grabs the stick right here. The next move is going to be hit his arm. After that you’re going to feed a #1. Okay, let’s do that sequence a few more
times. Step back with the right foot. This is on the arm and this is above the shoulder. This.
Hit. A #1. One more time. You’ve got this here. Pose. Here. Hit. Practice that. And we’ll do the next section. Okay for the next move, we’re going to transition
to the other side, through right sweep stroke. Let’s do this. So we were here. From here, I’m going to step in with my
right foot and do a right sweep stroke. He’s going to do a pull off and give me
a #1. Let’s stop right there. Here. Boom. Hit. Right sweep stroke. Boom. One last time. Ok? Practice that. Okay. So, let’s put it together. Flow Drill #12. Same side pose. Let’s do this. Here. Alex is going to do the same thing. One more cycle. So that’s Flow Drill #12. Same side pose. If you’re confused by any sections, just
go back rewatch them. Practice them. If you have any questions about this drill,
contact me at [email protected] Or contact me through my G+ business page. See you next time.

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