Modern Arnis Angle 1 Disarms: Fun Friday #14

Hey it’s Fun Friday! So we’re going to do Angle 1 and I’m going to show three different disarms off Angle 1. Stick and empty hand. So let’s get to it. This is the Modern Arnis disarm #1. I turn this out. and do this here. Let’s do that again. Here to here. Wham! The second disarm is going to be what we call the #3 disarm. To here. And again. Here. To here. Boom. Third disarm is what we call the #6 disarm (actually #7) So I’m going to cut through Abanico to here. To here. Boom! Cut through. Bam to here. Okay? Empty hand version. I want to catch him here. To #1 disarm. Empty hand translation. Boom! Hit him right here. The second one. Snake here. Boom! To here. Okay? The third one is just like the stick version. To here. Boom. Let’s do all three once more. Here to here. To here. The third one…..the second one. Here….boom! OK, the last one. Here, to here and to here. So, you have three different disarms that you can do off angle 1. Either with the stick or empty hand. So you can do stick and then the empty hand translation. So for those of you in the Durham Region, if you interested in my classes email me at: Or text me at: And we’ll see you next week!

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  1. Kata and specific action to reaction based martial arts have been proven to be fairly useless in the modern day. What if the dude swung straight down and you haven't practiced the defense specifically for that 1000 times? Also, what scenario will ever come about where you're fighting a man with a specifically sized piece of bamboo? Try this with a pipe or bat and the weight would destroy what you're doing. This is rubbish. Glad you're having fun though.

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