MMA with Ottavia Bourdain:

-Yes! MURILO SANTANA: If you push me
away, then you’re going to lose the hips and you’re
going to have to come up on the leg grip. OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: OK. MURILO SANTANA: But it’s better
to stay close and come up on the back. ANTHONY BOURDAIN: The joke
around the house is my daughter will come charging at
me and suddenly punch me in the stomach. And I’ll remind her that
rule is not daddy– go hit momma, she has abs. IGOR GRACIE: She trains
as hard as a professional fighter. She spends three, four
hours a day in here. And then as she goes somewhere
else, she does conditioning, she does yoga. She does everything that a
professional fighter would do for a professional fight. OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: I want this
to be my livelihood. It’s what I want to do for
the rest of my life. I wish there were more women
in Jiu-Jitsu with the fact that women are now fighting
in the UFC. More women are going to come
to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And it’s great, because it’s
never really stick when you fight with a man and then you
go compete with women. Sometimes they try not to put
too much strength on you, but they don’t realize how women
actually, how tough they are. I just love doing it. I love the feeling of punching
and kicking. And I was pretty good at it. ANTHONY BOURDAIN: I think this
arrived first, then the mats. Then our little friend
over here, the moldering gis around. She somewhere, somehow found
time to go to the gym and stay in remarkable shape. But I started to notice that
she was enjoying the gym. She was enjoying kicking the
shit out of guys at the gym particularly. And it just started an
escalation into full MMA training with an accent on
Jiu-Jitsu, at which point it was pretty much becoming
a full-time job. IGOR GRACIE: She’s on the same
level as any other blue belt in the United States
and the planet. She went to Brazil as a white
belt and she beat a pretty seasoned competitor
as a blue belt. She at the time was a white
belt, she beat a blue belt. And then on her last open she
won one and she lost one. So she’s getting up there. OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: It’s a
never-ending learning. When you do kickboxing, you
learn how to punch, you learn how to kick, throw knees and
elbows, and then you perfection that. But with Jiu-Jitsu, there
are new techniques to learn every day. You can make your
own techniques. It’s really mental, it’s
what they say. It’s like chess for your body,
you really have to think. It’s really intellect. It’s not just physical. ANTHONY BOURDAIN: I wrestled
a little in high school. I did Judo. I took Judo classes for a couple
of years when I was like 13-14. I get it. I like watching it. I understand why Ottavia
does it. But at this point in my life,
I’m more about a life of leisure during those moments
when I’m not working. OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: I could have
been just taking my husband’s credit card and spend my days
at Barney’s and do my nails and do my hair. But no, I need to be busy. If I’m not busy, I’m
going insane. ANTHONY BOURDAIN: I very much
like the idea that she can pretty much beat the crap
out of anybody in any bar I walk into. Or certainly submit them if
they don’t see it coming. OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: I grew up in
Italy, in a small town of 2,000 people– Manerva del Garda. When I was a kid, I played
sports in school. But I never done any kind
of martial arts. I fell in love with
a Irish musician. He got a contract in the US. I decided to follow him here. And my parents were like OK,
you’re not going to get any more money from us and so
you’re on your own. Do whatever you want, but
you’re on your own. Some friends of my ex-boyfriend
found me a job in the restaurant business. A couple of days after I got
here, I was already working. So I started out as a hostess,
and I ended up as a general manager. The moment I started working
as a general manager, it became 13-16 hours a day. I started working at La Bernard
Inn, where I met Eric Ripert who’s the one who
eventually, years later, introduced me to my husband. So basically he knew how
much I was working. He knew how much my husband
was traveling. And he thought we would be like
the perfect match for a one-night stand or here
and there because we were both so busy. And he had no idea we were
going to end up becoming serious, getting married
and having a child. He actually warned him. He was like, she’s crazy. And he’s like hello,
look at me. But when Anthony went to Beirut
to shoot a show when the war started, and they bombed
the airport and he was stuck there and it was
really dramatic. And when he finally came back,
that very same day that’s when we conceived our child. Because we were like you know
what, life is so short. I worked until my contractions
started, pretty much. I was going around in
my high heels, up and down greasy stairs. Giving heart attacks to
everybody because I would fall every five minutes. I just couldn’t stop. So I had my baby shower at the
restaurant, and a few days after I was in labor. ANTHONY BOURDAIN: My daughter’s
already into this. She loves going to Gracie
Academy with her mom. My daughter’s six. The day will come when little
Timmy in the next desk is going to pull her hair. And I like the idea that she’ll
be able to fuck little Timmy up pretty bad. Jiu-Jitsu-wise, she’s pretty
familiar with a lot of principles. I mean, they work on
arm bars together. I’m very happy that my daughter
will be able to defend herself and not
be inclined to take any shit from boys. And later, with that kind of
background, not be inclined to take any shit from men
later in life. So yeah, I’m very happy
about that. IGOR GRACIE: Being a Jiu-Jitsu
instructor is the most gratifying profession you can
have because you change people’s lives. You see a guy walk in here with
no training and he’s like shy and no self-esteem. And then after a few months of
training the guy, just by the way he walks into
the door, he’s a totally different person. NICK DIAZ: Do you live
out here now? OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: No,
I live in New York. NICK DIAZ: OK, great. OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: I actually
did a seminar with your brother a couple of weeks ago. I started watching MMA fights,
especially UFC fights on TV. But I never thought about
doing any wrestling or Jiu-Jitsu, I just loved
watching it. And then I remember going to the
Prudential Center for Gina Carano’s fight. It was 2008. And I was like whoa,
girls can do that. It’s great, it was really
inspiring, but I still was not convinced about trying
groundwork myself. And I tried and I loved it. Even for the Muay Thai, this
is like my second house. Although sometimes it feels
like it’s my first house, because I spend more time
here than my real house. ANTHONY BOURDAIN: I’m
not afraid she’s going to get hurt. A, because I’m confident
that she won’t. B, she doesn’t really care. She kind of likes it. If she came home with a big
black eye I think she’d complain, but she’d be walking
around feeling pretty cool. IGOR GRACIE: Her strength is
definitely her athleticism. She’s very athletic, she’s
strong, her cardio’s good, she can roll for over an
hour non-stop. She’s smart. She picks up stuff
really well. OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: I like
to be muscular. My husband hates it. But for me, a woman with a lot
of muscle is beautiful. I like to have definition. I like to have a six pack. I like to have big
thunder thighs. And I like to have a big neck,
and my husband hates it. Because for some reason,
the first thing that gets big is my neck. And it’s like, uh. ANTHONY BOURDAIN: If I get in
a tussle with somebody, it better be over in three or four
seconds or my prospects are not good. OTTAVIA BOURDAIN: Definitely
[INAUDIBLE] my final goal will be opening
an academy affiliated, obviously, with [INAUDIBLE] Gracie, who is my inspiration
and role model. I wake up and I’m restless. When I come here, I’m
like bah, bah, bah! And everybody’s like OK, let’s
get ready for Ottavia. And I roll, roll, roll until
I can’t take it anymore.

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  1. 200 pounds aint shit when you are getting you elbow snapped, your shoulder dislocated, or your own knife stuck into your neck. i fought a 200 pound guy, slow and clumsy.

  2. It depends on which martial art we're talking about and if you are actually fighting other people competively. It also depends whether you yourself have experience in street fighting. If you think you can just beat a woman simply because you are a man then you're sadly mistaken.

  3. I would take this more seriously if they where wearing panties and fighting in baby oil. I'm a traditionalist.

  4. I ain't mad at her though, if I had a rich wife that would let me train all the MMAMartial arts I want, I would take that offer up, no question.

  5. while i agree its kind of a dick thing to say but how is that sexist at all? she doesnt have to work because she has a rich husband.. thats a fact and has nothing to do with her being female. if she was a man it would still be true.

  6. 7:50 in mma "getting hurt" is not getting a black eye or some bruises. getting hurt is herniating some spinal discs or doing permanent damage to joints. and i guarantee she will not like that… doesnt matter how tough u are- u can get injured at any time and have to live with chronic pain. no joke.

  7. I actually dig the music. It allows to concentrate on the content instead of some shitty rock soundtrack,

  8. yeh your wife rolls around with sweaty men all day feeling her up yeh you should be a proud husband .

  9. I come from a family of martial artist. It is a great discipline to share considering how much the skills & experience will enrich your loved ones lives. I just wish one of my favorutie personalities in the world would throw his ass on the mat. Tony please just give it a go though he says he's an worn out old man. Just learn and experience, you don't have to be great at it.

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  11. If the Mrs. & I have a daughter. We sure would encourage them to train in martial arts. My wife did Taekwondo as a teenager. I did Karate from 10 to 16. We both agree that the discipline was a great influence on our life. Skill like self control and not hurting people, but simply restrain threats. That I want my kids to learn.

  12. Please think before you speak! Women do NOT want to be men, they simply want to do whatever they WANT to do, just like men are allowed to do! Let me ask all you men out there a question: exactly what kind of woman would YOU be?

  13. Ok, wow. You can "lol" all you want, but I get your message with the "panties" and "sweetie" and the "darling" bullsh#*t. You didn't understand my comment. You said "women want to be men these days." I said, they simply want to do what they want to do, just like men do. Some of us want to kick some ass, that doesn't mean we want to be men, it means we like to kick some ass, that's it. That makes me a "feminist does it? "Privileged white woman?". Wow, grow up

  14. If I were rich I would be happy that my wife is doing sport instead of being lazy and spending money on shopping or something even worst.

  15. Oooooh, now I get it!!! For the first couple of minutes I was like, wow, how come Bourdains daughter has such a heavy accent. They must`ve put her in some kind of international boarding school or something where English wasnt the first language, lol…

  16. Sexist comments really piss me off. It's like every time you see a woman kick a guy's ass you get all insecure. If you ask me a guy with real balls would not have a problem with that. Kudos to Anthony for being supportive of Ottavia's dream!

  17. holy shit i cant believe im watching anthony bourdain on here. then i thought it was his daughter for the first half lol

  18. Isn't this the Italian girl that made fun of Tony's cooking during the No Reservations episode in Italy? Now they're married!

  19. Okay I agree with Anthony on this one, that "thick necks are not attractive on women". What is the age difference between Anthony and Ottavia?

  20. No Anthony, she doesn't kick the shit out of the men, you are a fucking meal ticket and she does this to pass her time with guys she actually wants to fuck. Lol. It would be like me marrying some old broad for money then hanging at the strip club. Two dense people that no one should care about.

  21. Just happy to see her make an effort ,having a baby and married to a famous nice guy is pretty cool too.wives rolling in jiu jitsu ? Hell yeah! anything that gives them 1 second of a chance to survive is better than a lifetime of death. Better than 80% of disease Americans dying of obesity!!lol. Caitlyn Jenner starts doing BJJ, NOW THAT'S WOULD BE AN OLYMPIC SIZE ROLLIN HOLE. Get triangle choked BJ , figure 4 picture in your mind lmao

  22. It's so admirable that a person who is being supported financially actually does something. I'll be impressed when she trains as much while working 40 hours a week.

  23. So, with the first husband she had to work all the time. Now that she's with Bourdain, she can do whatever she wants all day while being supported financially. Hmmmm, I wonder why she left her husband…

  24. She was an illegal working in the US. Stop Italian ilegal immigration Trump. Every time I go to an Italian restaurant, there is some illegal waiter talking to me in perfectly broken English.

  25. This isn’t MMA, what a joke. We need to see some kick boxing, hand to fist shit. What the fuck. Really? What a joke OC. SERIOUSLY. Seen a lot of true MMA giftful fighters in my day. This is nothing more than wrestling.

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