MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Weapons

that bird you can pay this winner we stumbled upon a multi-purpose gym in New Jersey where people were dressing in medieval armor and smashing each other with blunt weapons we were lured in by the spectacle but the scene beyond it was also really interested when we found out these Knights were training for a World Championship in Portugal where they would compete against other nations we immediately booked our tickets to join we are the International medieval combat Federation World Championships yes that is a thing it’s essentially a Renaissance Faire but at the center there is actual medieval combat with real weapons and real armor men and women fighting not to the death just until they followed check out the medieval broadcaster the International medieval combat federation consists of hundreds of fighters from 26 countries around the world each year teams gather at a castle somewhere in Europe to engage in melees and one-on-one competition the event is steeped in medieval history which makes the US team stick out from the crowd a bit despite their best efforts so right now in the cage behind us one of the American longsword men is actually a captain in the US military he’s about to fight right now my mom is an English teacher when I grew up right she bring home books you know we’d read books together and as always like medieval knights and stuff so I was running around playing with swords since I was a kid the first time I did melee stews y’all see you later like everything that I ever experienced in like high school football and fencing it was just it was that next level it was that next adrenaline I guess phase you can get to and just I don’t know you leave feeling so refreshed and just so I can’t believe I did this it’s amazing I’m an officer in the army my job isn’t to be the trigger boy my job is to think and plan and and lead really so to be here and not have to do any net it’s not stressful it’s my release from training for actual words to come do so what are you waiting for right now sixteen on six sixteen on sixteen it’s my favorite event cuz this loan appeal is the most like a real battle yeah there’s the more bodies on the field the more the actual strategy for the numbers tends to factor in the more chaos you get it’s just yeah what do you do in real life real life I’m a high school history teacher oh really yeah your students know you’re here I would imagine if you I’m going to be watching the video feed so what are you guys gonna fight in today what’s your schedule today will be the five on five so we based Germany what is the five on five like a five versus five I call it a dogfight because it’s not as chaotic or as crowded as a 16 versus 16 or 10 vs 10 it’s more violent I think I like it I like it because there’s just more violence than the fives what’s your fighting style nerd rage murder [Music] one of the things that happens in a helmet is your breathing in your own co2 it’s a little sensor out and your brain will go off saying I got low oxygen levels and so your your body and your brain will start going hey you’re gonna die whatever it is you’re doing and just stop it and so you start you’ll see guys sometimes lose their and they’ll run around like clawing at their face trying to get their helmet off and they’re like running around in circles and they’re so irrational they can’t even they’re not even thinking to even pull their own helmet off well what will awaken you the most is when you get a spark that flies into your helmet and you get the snow a ozone that just completely fills your your helmet it’s it’s it’s exciting because you know something real just happened to flash before your eyes I get a little excited actually better than that happens [Applause] we really have enough of that the lifelong of nurdrage to deal with you can never have enough therapy never cease look at my smile there’s a real one no you’re glowing this glow emanating from you right behind me with the battle-axes Janelle she’s the gold medalist and the polearm she’s on her honeymoon and they just changed their last name in the iron [Applause] so you compete with your husband right and this is your honeymoon how long has this been planned we got married in February how does it feel watching her fight oh it’s annoying so want to go out there and do this again the reason why we chose it is we met by fighting each other in a tournament he had been fighting for three months I have been fighting for three years and it was with my favorite style which is actually longsword he made a big mistake big swinging a Miss I be able to dodge and I hit him right in the face [Music] [Applause] Neal’s been standing there she’s it’s been two on one for like five minutes [Applause] [Applause] [Music] are you doing champ [Music] if we beat friends fight one fight another one around one fight and the winner of that fight takes it all so that means you keep your best stuff blow it out blow it off get it over with quickly and let’s go to the funds the United States up to a fight there 16 on 16 May lay the second round robin usually this guy had his foot possibly broken yesterday so Steven come be is stepping in his first ever melee [Music] why are you counting let’s go baby we win I mean that was a street fight it was crazy oh my god so this is the finals of the five on five English and verse USA [Applause] think about five on fives is that if you make one mistake that’s 20% of your workforce second-place yeah but it’s still satisfying you can see the sportsmanship out here and that’s what makes it special so the USA is getting ready for their 16 verse 16 gold medal match it is by far the most exciting event that you have here it is just an all-out street fight so the United States style they have a formation where they pinch at the flanks trying to entice the team to come into the middle and if anyone’s actually dumb enough to venture into they quickly envelop them to isolate them so they can [Applause] [Applause] so the u.s. won the gold they absolutely dominated are you feeling good Congrats Thanks I told you 216 it’s chaos [Applause] all the official events are over and they end with a 30 on 30 melee I think that the Renaissance Faire around the event all the period garb it makes you think that this is an activity but when you watch this it is absolutely a sport people are leaving with serious injuries and when you watch these matches there’s more drama packed in a round of these then you’d be lucky to see in a basketball game or a baseball game I think that that’s the most exciting part of this event in a minute you might have more drama than you can get in any other sport [Music] [Music] you

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  1. 13 minutes video and a whole description box , doesn’t mention the name of the tournament a single time.

  2. This is awesome👍 I seen this at renaissance fair with only 6 people or 10 idk it was cool tho it was a lot different then this cause there was more hitting an swinging an a lot of good melee hits I think they were professional 😎👍

  3. A black man hosting european medieval fight show and american knights? Now the roles have changed😂😭

  4. This would actually be really good if they had any technique at all , this is hard to watch, what a mess

  5. I think we men never grow old. This is like playing with toys but very violent. Amazing! I cannot imagine the adrenaline!

  6. If I led this stuff I'd have my team use the Roman tactic where the dude in the front is the only one that fights and interchange troops from front to back and rinse and repeat

  7. France can only beat the USA in retreating. Considering they need the USA for help with everything lol

  8. Battle of Nations rules! There's a gym near me that specializes in this stuff and I'm so tempted to check it out!

  9. It really hurts to see them not parry because its not a points system, and most of them don't know real swordsmanship. Still cool though.

  10. I'd love to know the rules of this. Blunt weapons okay but how hard are they allowed to hit? What if they get hurt and then angry etc etc? Which bits of the body are they allowed to hit? The list goes on. In medieval times it was just do what you have to do to kill.

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