MMA Standing Self Defense Moves : How to Hip Throw an Attacker Standing From a Clench

JASON JEANETTE: Hi. I’m Jason Jeanette. This
is Daniel Klapheke from Elite Martial Arts of Middle Tennessee for Expert Village. DANIEL
KLAPHEKE: This is a hip throw from a clinch. We’re in a situation where we’ve both–we’ve
tied up in a clinch like almost like wrestling. Well I’ve got one arm around his neck, the
other one is controlling his wrist, we’ve got a few different takedowns that we can
choose, one being a hip throw where I can just reach my arm down, step my right foot
across, my left will contract to it, parallel lifting my hips up so I’m not using any strength
and from here, I kinda–from here all I do is drop him, drive him over and immediately
follow with elbow strikes, even an arm bar if want to.

17 Replies to “MMA Standing Self Defense Moves : How to Hip Throw an Attacker Standing From a Clench

  1. actually the hip throw quite easy to pull off against a non grappler. hard against sum1 whos done any training tho…

  2. you're right. a judo-like kick to his leg would make it far easier for the defendend, because the force would come from the fall, not from a pull.

  3. If you go too low though you catch a knee. Also the thia clinch takedowns a great against guys who squat in the clinch

  4. that doesnt alwyas work if hes to big or to small you cant get the clinch tight enough but if you knee to the chest then grab his shirt or neck and fall bak but when yuo hit the ground kick up your momentum will shove him off and behind yuo

  5. me 2 bro and after u gotten him down land 3 hard right hands , just like in the vid , i GUARENTEE he'll get fucked up

  6. lol i remember i did this to my cousin cuz he kept saying how no one can take him down and after i did this he was like "WTF was that"

  7. @tekkendevilwithin its actually a big wrestling move.. Judo involves a lot of trips.. the most common judo move seen in MMA, the one where when they throw them they bring their leg up and do a sweep in mid air.. that is the judo version of this move so to speak


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