MMA Arm Bars & Submission Techniques : Guillotine With Arm Submission MMA Technique

This is another submission from in the guard.
This is a guillotine with the hands included. This is a real common position. I’m in the
guard. I’m coming up, but this hand is going to be hand included. When I sit back, I always,
when I finish this submission I need to get to the side with the hands included. This
hand is was on his, making a cup. I’m putting this cup on his chin. This other hand comes
right behind it. I’m going to the side. I’m not submitting up, I’m submitting towards
my own body to get the tap. Alright; one more time. Hands included. I’m grabbing the chin.
This hand is going to go right behind it. I’m getting my butt off to the side. I’m locking
my legs together and I’m arching my hips. I’m getting the submission by going like this;
I’m not pulling up, I’m putting his chin right here in this cup and I’m arching it here.
That’s a guillotine with your arm included.

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