Mixed Martial Arts Tips : How to Tie a Judo Belt

Hello my name is Roger Mamedov and I am an
instructor at Camp Undefeated in New York City. Next we are going to look at how to
tie a judo belt. You want to begin it from the center and you want to apply it right
below your belly button. So when you go across one side is going to go under and one side
comes over. So I want to make sure it is leveled out and I bring it all the way across the
back. So from this position as one side that is on I am going to bring the side that is
over I’m going to bring it under both of them not under a single but under both. I’m just
going to tighten it up and the bottom one is going to come under, the top one is going
to come over and then I tie. Watch it one more time. So it begins start come over, all
the way around, top part comes under both, tighten, the top one comes over and around
and then you’re done. This is Roger Mamedov and this has been how to tie a judo belt.

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