Mixed Martial Arts Tips : How to Defend Against a Hair Grab

Hello, my name is Roger Mamedov, and I’m an
instructor at Camp Undefeated, in New York City. This is how you defend against a hair
grab. Now with me, I don’t have to defend, because I don’t have that much hair. So as
he does, imagine I have hair, my opposite hand is going to grab right over his wrist
and knuckles, and my left hand is going to come right in line with his wrist. Now me
and my right foot is going to take a step back, and I’m going to bring him forward.
Now, I’m doing two things with this, I’m putting pressure on his wrist, and I’m also breaking
his posture. Now from here, depending on the distance, I can follow a knee, or if he’s
a little bit further back, I can just throw a kick. So let’s watch that again. 1, 2, base,
back; if he’s forward, kick, if he’s in close, knee. So lets watch the other side. So, base,
kick; if he’s too close, base knee. Alright. This is Roger Mamedov, and this has been,
how to defend from a hair grab.

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