Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Rolling Arm Bar Move in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Angel Perez,
with Champion Martial Arts, in Miami, Florida, and today we are going to teach you mixed
martial arts techniques. For our next technique in mixed martial arts,
it’s also an arm bar, very similar to the last two you’ve seen. In this case he’s going
to try to get out of it by rolling and I will continue to roll with him until the arm bar
is secure. He brings his arm up a little high, I control the arm, but this time he smells
it, he knows where I’m going. So he’s going to roll, and I’m going to roll with him, and
I’m going to step over. As you see, he’s tapping out with his foot. You can tap out when your
hand, you can tap out with your foot, you can tap out by tapping on your opponent, or
by verbally saying stop, stop, I give, however you’d stop the match. One more time in real-time
action, control the arm, step over, he rolls, I go with him, step over, right into the arm

23 Replies to “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Rolling Arm Bar Move in MMA

  1. no one is going to give is arm away like that. wouldt even work on a newbie, if he is strong and stiff enoug.

  2. he's too low for the armbar, he should be closer to his head, and his ass is too far away. He does suck. What kind of belt does he have? White?

  3. Lol Let me help you out, start with your guard closed, and if you want his arm across the body you need to pull it there, then your hips need to come Off the ground and swing one leg over the head, if he falls to his back that is when he would do the rolling escape. I HAVE ASKED BEFORE…PULL THE VIDs, YOU SUCK AT GRAPPLING

  4. My opinions aren't ignorant, you Teaching ppl is a joke though. Are you mad cause you suck or because I'm pointing out how bad you suck

  5. i dont think ive ever seen anyone roll like that in order to get out of an arm bar. you should make this more realistic cause when your students try it themselves they will realize that isnt how it works. if he went for side control instead of rolling your armbar attempt was just a waste of energy.

  6. @awesomeguy1979 Not true. I land the rolling armbar quite a bit actually. There are many variations of it. This one being the weakest imo. If you're referring to the actually one he is demonstrating, then yes, the success rate is probably not as high. But in general you can land them if you drill them. I drill them constantly. In fact it's probably my favorite "joint" submission. Anaconda choke with gator roll being my favorite as far as "chokes" go.

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