Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Thai Kickboxing Drill

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden I’m here with the Arizona
Center of Mixed Martial Arts on behalf of expertvillage.com I’m with Freddy Luna and
Damon Sanchez . We are just going to run through a couple of drills we do in Muay Thai kick
boxing on a regular bases. In this one Freddy is going to throw a Thai kick and Damon is
going to catch it. Now for Damon/Freddy is in a bad spot but he got to make the most
of it. So what he is going to do is throw punches even though he is off balance. He
is going to keep attacking to prevent Damon from attacking him. Take his mind off of hurting
while Freddy figures out what he is going to do. So we would sit here for 2-3 minutes
at a time with our training partner grabbing our leg and hold the in for us and believe
me at the end the leg you are standing on gets very sore but, it is actually conditioning.
Another drill we do I going to have one of you guys hold the shield back here. We use
a shield bag which is really thick, very well cushion and this allows us to throw kicks
full force. So Freddy would do different drills were he just push, kicks, and he could really
put his body into it with different push kicks. Damon would turn to the side go through the
push kick and follow it up with a Thai kick. We do different drills where our coach would
tell Freddy to throw 10 Thai kicks as fast as he can. Freddy would go 1, just as fast
as he can rifling them off like that and it builds up the reflexes and the respondent
time so in a fight you would become so use to it. You could also do the turning back
kick from here. This is a good method of practicing it. When you have a nice padded surface it
is hard to hold a small pads with these but, with these guys it becomes more fusible. Side
kicks in another thing you could do with these. Basically this bag just helps us out a lot
with different push kicks. We practice leg kicks from here. Again Freddy could throw
full power leg kicks without his partner having to feel the consequences of that on the next
day. So it is a excellent way to build power without hurting our training partners. So
those are just a couple of drills that we do to improve our Muay Thai skills.

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  1. Never thought of the first drill, good one. You should probably keep your hands up though when you are kicking, you never know when something can break through your defense.

  2. u can tell they dont have a clue what they're on about i could of told you everything they just said better and i dont even do muay thai kids stop pretending lol

  3. Go to MixedMartArts dot com. They have forums with loads of advice for training. Best resource on the net.

  4. There are some differences in the technique between the Karate roundhouse and the Muay Thai kick. In the Karate roundhouse, the kick is taught like a jab. Your leg comes up, knee bent, and you 'snap' your kick. In the Muay Thai kick, you are taught to kick through your opponent with no snapping action. More force is generated. Imagine Karate kick = whipping action vs. Thai Kick = baseball bat. Hope this helps

  5. you gotta pivot more on those round kicks "thai kick".work on your spinning side kick(more heel) "back kick". and your turning side kick what you called"side kick"

    not talkin shit..just some helpful criticism

  6. These poeple lack both technic and power. and using that pad on the leg to prevent injury kinda defeats the purpose of conditioning. their better of using chin pads if they dont want to get too hard, but i perfer to use the bar legs to build up on conditioning.

  7. its actually not a great idea to stand there and punch when someone catches ur leg. There's a better more muay thai maneuver that puts u in perfect clinching position

  8. i know its not rly martial arts,but if i had someones leg id flip them back,but that would be my response,this is good aswell

  9. i understand what you mean but at the end of a day its just a drill for conditioning and not necessarily a technique.

  10. good video. I try to skip on one leg for several minutes to do the same thing – great for the calves. I don't see why you can't punch the guy while he's got your leg. Would make sense to put him off balance and loose sight of trying to sweep you, particularly if you can't get your leg out, or he's leaning back to try and snap it which can be super painful.

  11. a good drill but it wont help if the fighter whose caught the leg charges forward and sweeps the other leg. the best thing to do is jump up and downward elbow or shorten your leg and hook or elbow.

  12. I really liked anderson silvas counter to a caught foot (i think it was anderson silva) where he used them catching the foot as a step up… grapped the back of the guys head n knocked the guy out with his free legs knee. Just like a jumping knee but he stepped up

  13. i'v always learned in my 10yrs of Soryu Karate to chamber and recoil any kick so that it isn't as easily grabbed or trapped.

    he really needs to work on his spin back kick, that is my favorite kick, its sharp, quick, evasive, defensive and offensive and can follow up with a spinning fist/backhand.

  14. hahahahahahaha ya really thaiboxing there boys….bunch of MMA posers that is why people in N America do not think muay thai is better then MMA any of you watching thinks this is good go and search in the youtube search tarining lumpini and rajadamnern champions there are 5 videos

  15. no they aren't full power.

    he says so that he can throw full power kicks without the partner feeling it in then morning

  16. Thing is… I bet you've learned twice as much about fighting in the one year you've done MMA as in the many years it takes to get 2nd dan.

    I used to do TKD and a couple of months after i started thai boxing found TKD as useful in a fight as a chocolate teapot.

  17. the guy is a little misinformed but i know what he's trying to say. Any beginner can go to Thailand and train muay thai for a month in one of the camps and be better at stand up than these guys. I think that's what he means.

  18. best thing to do if u their leg is to go for an agressive take down and then get a knee bar, if their flexible u can transition to the ankle

  19. This is not a good idea. You dont throw punches like that, the other guy is just going to come in a sweet you. Drop your knee down of the leg thats being held which prevents knees or kicks. This brings you in to clinch your opponent and start elbowing or attempting to get out.

  20. thai kick wtf

    ofcourse its english and its called different
    but whe n i think thai kick i think its a lowkick bcoz thats where thaiboxing is famous about

  21. get a fucking balance, this guy videos are so ridiculous , he is an offense for the sport, i would love to fight him

  22. He is not going to be able to throw quality punches when he is on one leg and his other leg is held. He first needs to get his leg free or tie completely up with him. The person who is holding the leg could easily sweep his other leg and take him down. Besides mistakenly telling someone to punch while their leg is being held, most of this insruction is basic and clean.

  23. just looking for some info here, dont know much for Thai boxing, but why do so many fighters drop their hands when they kick? I was always taught to keep your hands up to protect yourself, but yet I so hundreds of video clips where the fighter will drop the hand and arm down on the same side they are kicking with. Anyone got any answers or am I just wrong? Thanks

  24. @phish6 if doing a right roundhouse (for example) you can wind your left arm down for power but you should bring your left hand across your face at the same time to protect the jaw.

  25. lol back kick and side kick. Maybe they should get someone who knows what they're doing to demonstrate instead of this guy.

  26. At 1:00 the guy who is holding the bag. Isn't in dangerous for people like him to hold that bag and then get concussion by the continuous kicks and punches other people hit on the bag.
    Doenst that cause damage to the brain of the bag holder ???

  27. maybe should have found some1 better to demonstrate?? and why is he leaned forward like a boxer when he throws kicks? not muay thai or kickboxing at all

  28. anatanjawi how you comment i checked your profile and watched your fight your just a dam amateur fighter!! how can you judge anyone, its funny a amateur like you judges people, your a joke!!!!

  29. Hahaha jeez 😀 Nice spinning back kick there buddy 😀 But oh well, it's just for demonstration purposes and he tries. He should've gone through that dill a couple more times before filming it, tho haha 😀

  30. @TimeGod12 No, it's not dangerous. The vibrations you experience are less than when you do rope jumps and far less frequent at that. So there's no danger in that. Unless of course you hold the shield to you head ;D

  31. he doesnt know how to even throw a proper kick.looks like a beginner. why dont they throw the roundhouse with lead leg? wait i know they dont know how and only train one side of their body.

  32. This person is a joke any experienced muay thai player would immediately put his right hand on the attacker right shoulder after catching his leg for a sweep, unless the attacker was able to jump guard if they were a pretty good athlete.

  33. Lol wow you talk about getting your ass beat, let me go try that against some of my guys that I train with out our school and see if I dont get beat into oblivion lol worst video ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. @MsPeng123 You can attack but it's hard, I've been training taekwondo and my friend telled me to kick him and i did it, he grabbed my leg (couse i kicked to slow) I just kicked him with the other foot (I can't explain it with words so sorry if this is confusing ;P)

  35. @Mog087 If you kick with your right leg, you drop your right hand and cover with left. Not too sure if you meant that.

  36. This is certanley not muay thai. These guys use horrible tehniques. You must turn your foot while you do the roundhouse kick, it gives you more speed and power! If you let it point at the opponent you could hurt your knee badly. He must turn it more

  37. This school is not teaching proper technique. Every villiage expert video I've seen by you guys..all yourr kicks suck. There was no pivot of the standing foot. And no bend in the kicking knee..and no hip turn over..you guys all suck…sorry

  38. And that first drill ir idiotic! All the guy has to do is kick out his other leg..the punch drill is studip..the best couunter when youe leg is caught..is to bend you leg immediatly and pull your self into a clinch with other fight. Not stay far away and punch when he has your leg..what a bunch of fools you guys are

  39. how many times is someone going to hold your leg for 2 mins?
    Might want to get your back kicks and side kicks atleast looking good before you post them matey.

  40. umm… nobody will hold it for 2 minutes. thats why this is called a drill. When you train for a 15 minute fight you don't train for 15 minutes. You train for 3 hours or more everyday for the fight. You want to get to the point where you are comfortable on one leg. Thats why the drill takes so long.

  41. jeesh everyone is going nuts over this… its a good drill. maybe not hte best kicker but this guy is obviously a intermediate or beginner student. he is doing the drill correctly just not the kicking technique. thats probably on another video. everyone… calm the fuck down.

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