Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Thai Clinch Kickboxing Technique

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden here on behalf of expertvillage.com
I’m here with Kyle Reese cage fighter and Robert Garcia our head kickboxing instructor
here at the Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts. Kyle and Robert are demonstrating one
of the bread and butter techniques of Muay Thai which is the Thai clinch. Have this guys
break for a second here. The proper position for the Thai clinch is crucial to getting
this technique many people think that in order to clinch the head they want to interlock
there fingers like that. When actually that is incorrect. The proper position is hand
over hand like that it allows you to really squeeze the elbows together and control the
head which is crucial to the Thai clinch. From here Kyle really got a really good control
position on Robert where he could really he has a lot of options from here. Including
knees, he throws repeated knees to the body and really worse the opponent down. While
he is doing this he keeps the control in the head, he might even move him around a little
bit. The body would fall on the head which allows Robert to not really have his balance
and Kyle to keep his offense. There is also a lot of elbows you could throw from here
including downward elbows like that. Right punches to the body. You could do it from
here letting one hand go and you regaining the clinch to regain control. It is a lot
of options from the Thai clinch one of the Muay Thai’s main techniques and it causes
them to point together.

13 Replies to “Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Thai Clinch Kickboxing Technique

  1. i know a better technique so that I can throw the man who gives the knees on the ground ,but this is a good techique

  2. Your nose would have to have been broken before hand, a blow to the nose first and then punch it upwards, would work, but if you would punch or knee the nose upward with the initial punch it would actually break sideways and thus not get pushed into the brain.
    srry but it's a myth.

  3. @LouieAK47 okeej, in that case next tie your in a fight try it (trust me you won't succseed, i'm been doing martial arts since the age of 5, have done muay thai, muay boran, and dutch muay thai all my life, have also done jiu jiutsu, and i have asked my coaches (all of em, just to be certain and the all gave me the same answer, the nose would have to have been broken before). ohh and btw no need to get hostile and start name calling, it's childish and basically unnecessary.

  4. Muay Thai has so many different clinching techniques! Both hands behind the head is just one and you will very rarely see it in a fight in Thailand due to it being hard to get your opponent in that position if he knows how to clinch. To say that all Muay Thai clinching is just grabbing your opponents head is wrong and offensive to the great art of Muay Thai.

  5. Well i dont know about you but i can't interlock my finger's with gloves on.. But i guess he is talking about with gloves off.

  6. There's nothing expert about this lol. Clinch is horrible. Footwork is horrible. Stance is all wrong. This is not Thai. Washed down western version of clinch.

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