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  1. reading the comments section is making feel nauseous. guys why bring so much negativity, racism and narrow mindness out in the world. this guy isnt doing anything. atleast he is not sitting behind the screen and spewing hate. explains the iq levels of all ppl commenting

  2. His eyes are not cool..something wrong with them…cruel may be..deep..guys with these kinda' eyes aren't good…usually..

  3. The Biggest Problem In Pakistani In Pakistan Is That Parents Think That Study Is Everything And No One Gives A Damn To What The Kid Wants To Be And His Life Becomes Fucked Up!!!

  4. Hope India's got someone like him trying to introduce the tribal regions to MMA. I really don't understand the racism here. As an Indian, this guy seems like someone I'd have a great time chilling with.

  5. these are not hard people they are cowards and terrorists absolute cowards shit. ..inbred only good at bombing for money and virgins and religion

  6. people who support this in pakistan should know this country have 0 health insurance and mostly the fighter dont get paid after full contact wars i have seen 0 doctors in full contact mma fights .. its bullshit here … which results in injuries later and in a country with no jobs nothing.. these guys in up living a shitty life … MMA is awesome .. but only if ur in a country where people dont die due to un clean water ……. this guy Abdul Bashir Ahmed is a rich well settled dude from abroad himself .. but the guys he ttrain are poor and most dont even have their own home or proper food to eat … that why pakistani fighters have a very short shelf life .. 1 injury cant only end their mma career but also kill their social life …. now i know morons will talk shit .. because we pakistani people dont face reality that good …. anyone with a brain should know MMA need proper medical care and health care .. DUH

  7. He is calling himself jatt lol

    Real jatt don't convert to islam, it's a well documented fact that lower caste shoodars used to convert to islam out of humilliated of being shoodars slaves of brahmins for 17000 years

    Zia ul haq twisted theur history books to make them thiNk of themselves as warrior or arab or rajpoots who converted, while rajpoots don't even give them water in their glasses

  8. well done pakistan you will be pioneering in mma fighting keep it going u guys love from england u guys got great spirit u guys are truely blessed

  9. If anyone knows that can I get sponsored in mixed martial arts in Pakistan??? Because I have the skills, I can say that Alhamdulillah these players couldn't even stand against me for 2 minutes. But the only problem is that I have no money to feed my talent. If anyone knows about this or want to invest on me after watching my fight, that would be highly appreciated.

  10. Chutiya banao shahbash Bashir Ahmad the MMA GoodPaader of Pakistan .. I open challenge you for a fight bitch

  11. I appreciate that he is doing something for my favorite sports keep promoting it but he is not a MMA Godfather of pakistan he is just a bulls**t player. I open challenge you for a fight MMA GoodPaader of Pakistan.

  12. If don't really want scars on your face so don't accept my challenge may be I finish your MMA career as well you MMA Goodpaader

  13. Thank u Bashir for your selfless devotion. Your name will be remembered as pioneer of MMA in Pakistan.

  14. How respectful and beautiful is this, that besides residing in US and having its nationality u call yourself Paksitani in the field. Blessings and Love for u. Plz keep promoting MMA in Pakistan.

  15. the right game has arrived now with really match to our nation..we could ruled out over this game very soon "THE FIGHT KING LAND"

  16. Pakistan already has wrestling, start off doing wrestling, make that your core martial art then bring in the striking and grappling (submissions) that's the best path to be a world class fighter.
    Wrestlers are dominating in mma atm.
    As a Muslim we have our champion …Khabib.
    I look forward to seeing our Pakistani champion in the near future.Inshaallah

  17. dirty Pakistani are cowards in Philippines. ..sucker back kickers when not looking… maybe india will purify the world from these bugs

  18. im of 23 years and im playing martial arts in abbottabad , i wanna join MMA Pakistan training , how can i get to there , can any one guide me

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