Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Defend a Kick in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: Okay, so I showed you a little
bit defense from the punches, now I’m going to show–Mychal’s going to demonstrate defense
from my kicks, okay, my two kicks being my roundhouse kick and my push kick or the teep
they call it, okay. So the first one I’m going to do–first kick I’m going to do is a kick
to the leg, okay? And the first block he’s going to do or defensive move is he’s going
to shield or block by bringing his left leg up. Shh, just like that, okay? Once again,
I kick his leg and he’s in a block, good, like this, good. So that’s the outside kick,
the inside kick, I’m aiming for the inner thigh here, he’s going to cross shield. So
he’s bringing that same block up and he’s going to out it over this side, okay? Yeah,
good, uh-hum, shh, just like that, uh-hum, shh, good. So, next now I’m just going to
raise the level, I went low kicks, the low leg kicks, I’m going to go to the body, okay?
So I’m doing a left switch kick to this side, he’s going to catch my leg, okay? Shh, shh,
just like that. Now notice when he’s got my leg, he’s posting his left hand on my shoulder
to keep me off balance so I can’t punch him, okay. So he could actually take me down from
here, okay. Once again, left kick, shh, shh, good, just like that. Now the right side,
he’s going to step out with the right foot, okay, shh, shh, just like this. Okay, notice
that again, the post on the shoulder, I can’t get to him, okay? One more time, shh, shh,

30 Replies to “Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Defend a Kick in Mixed Martial Arts

  1. I was never one to block a kick with another kick. The first demonstration in the video reminded me of a time when someone did the same thing but was thrown off balance because the opponents kick was a lot harder and quicker. Personally I wouldn't recommend that first block and even the second. The third however is plausible and doesn't sacrifice your balance.

  2. Why is everyone so negative, there taking the time to show techniques, is everyone an expert in mma?and when you throw a punch or kick you should expel are to control breathing.

  3. In Muay Thai I thought you were supposed to kick the opponents thigh muscle, htting the nerve, but I was told by a Chute Boxe proffesor to kick just above or bellow the knee cap just avoiding the knee cap bone. He says that it will hurt and take the opponent down faster. Hmmm? Also is this legal in K-1?

  4. the thigh hurts like hell, I couldn't walk normally for 3 days lol. I've been kicked on and above the knee before and it seems to hurt the opponent a lot more. and Alain Ngalani used kicks like that in K-1 so I'm pretty sure they're legal

  5. those kicks are so bad simply cuz ur drooping ur hands if u drom ur hands of ur kick can be blocked ur opponent moves forwards and just simply has a free hit straight to u which would easily make u fall back

  6. fcuk that hahahaha just dont kick for the thigh, look him in the eye and kick his fcukin head off. target eliminated….

  7. @ytacc0 if you really think that, go fight anyone you know who trains mma and i guarantee they will kill you. that just doesnt make any sense. how could a random guy off the street just kick the hell out of someone who eats sleeps and lives mma and gets paid 100s of thousands if not millions to fight in a cage. the reason random kids on the street whoop ass is because theyre fighting other kids that cant fight. thats like saying ur high school football team could beat the patriots. peace.

  8. Your methods of blocking look very sound. It appears though that on so many kicks in fights, the focus is not fast enough to detect it due to various reasons, and even kicks that leave a lot of time to react to, the kicks still succeed. All I can think of is that focus can get tiring. It takes training to keep it, and even then, no one is 100%, 100% of the time.

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