Melissa McCarthy’s Karate Kid

>>You’re such an inspiration for women in general, but for
young girls especially. I don’t know if it is rubbing off on
your children cuz it sounds like. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, I don’t know, I’m still slightly. They’re controlling me. I’m always trying to am
I setting an example or? Or am I just trying to stay ahead of them? I’m afraid of that little one.>>Yeah.>>The youngest one’s got me on the ropes. The oldest one’s very reflective and.>>And who is in the movie as well.>>They’re both in the movie.>>Yes but.>>They’re both in the movie. Vivi plays me at like seven or eight. Because when we kept saying no to it and
she had such a good, she finally after like two months
of no we don’t, you don’t do that. You’re welcome to try at 25. And then she said,
am I not allowed to at least try? Which I thought, yeah, exactly. It worked like a charm.>>[LAUGH]
>>Exactly, that’s what I did. And I thought, she’s made a good point. And I’ve always said you
are allowed to try for anything, doesn’t mean you’ll get it,
doesn’t mean you’ll get a yes. But I would never stop her
from trying something. And we made her kind of keep working on
it and keep trying it for three weeks and she kept doing it really, really well and
you could tell she was trying. So we said okay, we’ll do this one time. And then of course the little one was
like, if she’s doing it, I’m doing it.>>[APPLAUSE] [LAUGH]
>>I mean literally from the other room, she didn’t even bother to come in. We just got a scream from the other room,
we’re like yeah, okay.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, just don’t rile her up.>>Yeah.
>>Don’t rile her up.>>Because you don’t want to rile her up.>>No.
>>No.>>She said something. My god.
She said something last week.>>I want to hear the recent thing.>>And I don’t, like we were talking
about like do you want a muffin or do you want cereal for breakfast. We were not on any kind of
topic that she brought up. And I’m trying to get an answer out of her
as I’m like getting breakfast together and she goes I don’t wanna
take karate classes.>>[LAUGH]
>>Which we’re already like, what? And she goes I just want
a guy I can kick and punch.>>[LAUGH]
>>And Ben and I both were like.>>[LAUGH]
>>And we just look at each other and I’m like we do have to actually
figure out what that’s about.>>[LAUGH]
>>Because there was a moment where like do we just, do we just,
is that one of them that we just let slide because I don’t want to
know the root of that. And then we said, what did you say? And she goes,
I don’t want to take her out of class, I just want a guy I can kick and punch. [LAUGH] And I was like,
okay we gotta go to the dining room table. Now we have to sit and
like what is what are you talking about? We were not talking about karate, or
kicking and punching another human being.>>[LAUGH]
>>And she looked a little squirrely, like she may have been like,
I may have tipped it. I may have gone over.>>[LAUGH]
>>There was a little, I felt like she was realizing Ben and
I were both like. And finally we got it out of her
that she wanted one of those sparring dummy’s that you like hit and
punch with. But I’m not sure if she really meant that. I think she may have been like
I’ve got to cover this up, so I’ll say I want a mannequin. But I meant what I said. She was like a vigilante in
her first life, for sure.>>[LAUGH]
>>For sure.>>Because she’ll just say like,
if someone comes in.>>It’s always some kind of survival
tactic like, if we were under siege. I’m like, what?>>[LAUGH]
>>No, why, what’s stop,
like where is this coming from?>>She’s like five, or something?>>She’s six, and it’s always like. You know,
if my [INAUDIBLE] gets in trouble. What?
>>[LAUGH]>>Are you talking about? It’s always like, it’s very militant.>>She’s hilarious.>>And
you’d never know it was coming from her. She’s like a little tiny blonde that just. Looks like it’s great.>>I know they’re little angels. I saw them when you got your star,
they’re adorable.

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  1. She should really … really really do some standup specials with all this great new material she has from her kids and parents!!!! It would kill!!

  2. I feel like Melissa is the kind of mother who doesn't mind her children touching her boobs all the time for no reason

  3. Yes, Melissa is an inspiration. Ellen you are not an inspiration. You are too superficial and full of yourself, and you are not funny either.

  4. I love you ELLEN I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU IN PERSON and it will be a dream come true. I have 3boys and I really need your help with my family I really do appreciate you. Happy birthday

  5. I have a son that's exactly the same but I just laugh!  I wonder if it's more of a problem because she's a girl or if she'd be the same if she had a boy.  I think she'd be the same but I guess as a society we still think it's more acceptable for boys to talk about battalions and war etc. than girls.

  6. When the camera is far from them it's looks like Melissa doesn't wearing anything. Lmao it seems like her body is covered with floral tattoos ???

  7. The following is an extract from my "Love Letter" to Gillian Jacobs (full text at ) discussing Melissa McCarthy's immoral influence:

    Billions of beings — like your cast mate Melissa McCarthy — are subhuman beings, i.e. either confirmed or virtual death angels. I was a virtual death angel — a love angel that hasn't yet taken The Fall — for about 40 years in limbo, which is a lesser "place" of punishment for sin that a love angel can escape from if they stop their sins of Self-abusive indulgence. For the fallen angels, there is no escape from hell on earth…. No doubt you realized something like that, or perhaps just how horrific a life wasted through sin is. You became a teetotaller at a young age. Good for you.

    I posted a piece on Melissa McCarthy stating that she was an immoral influence, a conclusion reached with respect to her "sex in the library" scene in "Life of The Party" and a number of other tasteless scenes in her movies that prove she has a problem with sex, meaning mental illness, and has a compulsion to shamelessly expose viewers to her perverse rubbish, and and effectively trying to influence them in a controlling and dominating way (much like a flasher does). This behaviour is basically an attempt to corrupt viewers by dragging them down to Melissa's own level of sexual obsession; the behaviour is more likely to be unconscious than conscious, and if the former it should be forgiven as a compulsion due to mental illness. However, the breaking of the Great Spiritual Law of Love can never be forgiven by Nature or God's Law which is completely impersonal, and Its retribution through bad karma for the error is inevitable. Shamelessness is a sign of the death angel or depraved degenerate. Whether Melissa is a confirmed death angel or demon like Harvey Weinstein I cannot say; it's not easy to determine angel status, but she is definitely at least a virtual death angel, which is a "love angel gone wrong". Melissa's husband Ben Falcone's no doubt dispassionate and teasing but nevertheless revealing comment regarding Melissa on set was "She's a monster". Ben is concerned about their kids seeing, in the future, the "food sex" scene added to the end of "Bridesmaids"; it is to his credit that his conscience is working. The couple's relationship looks like the typical death angel-love angel relationship in which the love angel (seemingly Ben) is abused by the other more questionable and dominant angel. I read a lady YouTube user's comment that she was tired of Melissa's endless references to every possible aspect of a vagina; that it just wasn't funny anymore and never really was; that Melissa doesn't seem to realize that she's demeaning herself by such; and that the user was going to avoid watching Melissa's movies. That genius is frequently accompanied by mental illness and lovelessness (the incapacity to love oneself) is also demonstrated by Jim Carrey's new philosopher-fraud phase. I hope that you NEVER descend into the rubbish poor Melissa is into. Respectfully, Daorley Downy.

  8. the only thing weird about the story is that it is coming from a little girl. little boys play like that anyway… expectations we have for girls make this "strange"…

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