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  1. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mormons who have taken much time to help me understand the the truth of the Mormon faith. This is why I am watching this movie. I have been invited to be baptized on December the 24th…..wow, I'm trying very hard to seek out the truth. I am also standing on Faith, that God will guide my heart and help me make this decision. prayers please

  2. I'm a Mormon and thus also a Christian. I don't think that I would have ever been a "bad" person, but I know that I am a much better person because of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and so I'm very grateful to have it in my life.

  3. craig's parents are so awesome. and i love how much different kinds of people are getting blessed by power of God. I am so focused in my life, sometimes i am so cluttered with thoughts of myself. World is huge, and God's love is eternal, widespread and phenomenon.

  4. "Ser un humano consiente". No soy religioso, pero valoró la filosofía que maneja esta religión, todos deberíamos de creer en algo

  5. I live in Orem, Utah and i have the opportunity to do a religious report on Mormonism, and i been reading the believes and faiths. The Mormon community is great i myself am not LDS but some of by best friends are and they are some of the greatest people I've meet.

  6. I believe That the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints is true . We can serve God, to be the light and the salt to everyone because we believe that Jesus loves us so much. I do believe that Jesus will come back for the second time. God blessed LDS and all people that love God and Jesus Christ.

  7. I recently became a Mormon and I am enjoying the spiritual and emotional journey to get back to God the movie is absolutely awesome the last family really really got me emotional but it shows that God is really good and he loves us and he would never leave us he's always there

  8. I'm 62 and 42 years ago because of a co-worker's love and example I agreed to talk with the Mormon missionaries. I wasn't actively going to church at that time, but I grew up pretty religious, attending various Baptist churches. I told the missionaries that I didn't want to waste their time because I wasn't going to join their church, I was just curious about what they believed because my friend was LDS. However, as they taught me about the Plan of Salvation and the restoration of the Lord's Church on the earth in these latter days I couldn't help but join. The joy, love and direction that have filled my life all these years is truly a gift from God.

  9. love this and I'm not religious at all. until watching this I had a total different perception of yous . well done to all involved in the making of this film.

  10. I am not an LDS….. but do belief in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. …. Thank for posting this beautiful representation of your denomination. May the Lord Jesus give me the opportunity to serve others as I see you do.

  11. I so appreciate hearing the Bishops testimony.. I feel warmth and harmony.. I would like to meet him and his family and ward.



  14. Anyone know where I can find the background music used in the beginning of the movie? (when the people in the street are being interviewed?) Thankyou

  15. Very Good Production, which I feel incorporates a bit of all of our Beliefs as LDS members! Still interested or have doubts to be resolved? Check out Mormon.org for more info!!

  16. Why didn't they provide more information as to their unique religious beliefs? The belief in servitude towards others as a key towards salvation is certainly not unique to the Mormon church, however believing in a 19th century American male becoming a prophet with direct communication with God and that was baptized personally by St John is certainly unique.

  17. I Love being Mormon this movie is beautiful It made my cry I know that this Is true and that That once again I will be able to live with our Heavenly Father again…I say these things in the name of thy son Jesus Christ Amen ❤️

  18. Honestly, it was very shocking to me. What shocked me the most, was what people thought the Mormon religion was based on.

  19. I was raised non-denominational my whole life but when I was 15 I started to become interested in Mormonism and as it would turn out my neighbors were Mormon! and this is Tulsa Oklahoma where there are not many Mormons around so I definitely knew it was a sign from God that the church was true. I am 20 now and deeply considering joining the church and being baptized and so what if the church has some shady moments in their past… Every church does! And look at all the church does for people! I am proud to soon be officially LDS. Love this film so much!

  20. I'm glad to be a Latter-Day Saint and in the end, I inspire much about these people in this docu-movie. #MeetTheMormons

  21. I'm ex communicated but tired of my life's mistakes and going in circles I have decided to get back in church. I Ben going some Sundays and I pray every time I can. I do love my Mormon family in our ward. I want change I'm tired of this world. I know heavenly father lives me Jesus sacrificed his life for us. For me a sinner. I will get baptised. I need the missionary lessons first. Great video.

  22. i have been in active of the church, but my heart is has a sorrow, i believe it. i have been listen the conference once in a while from the youtube, i have been alone feel alone, i cant be on my knee for a health problem, i dont have friends and my family are catholics that are from the LDS here in cali- Colombia, its hard and i have been away from long time ago, and i want to return, love the hymns in english not in spanish, and spanish is my first language, i was bautiz in Mesa Arizona in 1999 and i reurnes to colombia on 2006. i feel that i did something wrong i left heavly father apart, and now i want him to go back, also i have both of the scritures in spanish and english, how i star it again. i know where is my church family church- i saw the video and i cry touch my feelings, touch my heart. thank you so much. and sorry for my english.

  23. Best decision of my life, I was such an angry man once; and now my kids feel safe and loved. My wife is my rock, my partner, without her, this life would be so bland. I love my family, and this is thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm a Mormon.

  24. I testify of the pure joy the gospel can bring. If you can being a missionary for the gospel of Jesus Christ is the best gift you could give or ask for. I know my father lives

  25. September 1993 I became LDS however after some pressure from my then Wife we left . Since 2012 I have been taking an interest in Mormonism and now 2018 am ready to make a return . I am now re-married with 3 more children very content but I need structure and I believe Mormonism can give me this . I respect the LDS church more than any other Christian sect and out of over 3,000 of them I have studied many . However the LDS come across more Christian in my opinion .

  26. wohoo! I'm able to show my friends because they want to transfer to the church and I'm trying to help, them being a mormon myself.

  27. I have been a member for 17 years. Getting baptized was the best decision I have ever made. I love this movie, it has a wonderful message for anyone who is trying to live a good life. The Armstrong family story especially touches my heart every time.

  28. I'm not LDS but watching this captivated me and brought peace regarding the LDS Church . Very happy to see that someone like me – African American – can not only be a member but also a Bishop. Dispelled what I hear was (at one time) true.

    Thank you for sharing! It really blessed me immensely.

  29. Anybody know what that guitar music that plays during the credits directly after "glorious" by David Archeleta plays, what that guitar music is called? It sounds so calming, I want to know who made it.

  30. I have been a life long member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and every time i watch meet the mormons , it strainghthens my testimony, I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the face of the earth.

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  32. I am proud to say I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and I love this movie because it reflects who we really are!!!

  33. Wow, these films are incredible testimonies. I loved them, especially the one about Gail Halvorson, what a hero! Thank you for these shows, they really got to me. Love.

  34. Maravilhosa sensação! Quão admiráveis são. Amo demais !!!!! Vou me tornar Mórmon, meu batismo está próximo!!!!!! ♡♡♡

  35. i am mormon and this is the best movie that i have ever seen and i will never stop seeing this movie NEVER!!!!

  36. Great movie I love these movies pls make more movies I love them I’ve literally watched every movie joe smith finding faith Christ im a youth I love these videos make more movies my mom has told me that the church is making new movie so there asking men to grow out beards thanks to the church of Jesus Christ for providing these films also Blair treau made this movie good film can’t wait for movies like this they make my day

  37. I really like that Darius gray fella he has heart his voice is spiritual my favorite church actors and he’s one amazing men and he just a guy not an actor he’s got a voice though spiritual deep voice love him

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