13 Replies to “Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Yi Jin Jing Exercises 6 & 7

  1. i use his teaching and it means,and help me a lot, thank you!
    so ti3n93, if you are so clever do it better man!!

  2. no you cant, you dont feel propper chi for five years. I used to think I had chi when I started but now I know that was just my arrogance.

  3. This person did not go to the real shaolin temple, just a kung fu school nearby. A student of Shi Yong Xin (shaolin temple abbot) said so himself. And this video wont help you for very long, maybe for the first 3 years when your trying to get propper breathing, but after that you need propper tuition

  4. Doesn't matter if he is a real master or not. The real problem is that it is impossible to learn from a video. You need a real Master in order to protect you from bad position, breathing and bad will. Of course at first you feel changes but when you go deeper and deeper that stops and you need many years of practice to feel the real qi. All the best to all of you

  5. Hello ishbu333, I hope you are well.
    It is not matter of discouragement… Qi Gong is well known for its benefits but also if you don't practice with a real Master its very easy to be sick. I am a traditional medicine practitioner and also I teach and practice martial art and qi gong for many years. Qi gong has many forms of practice, some of them are easy others are difficult. When you practice and teach you give a lot of explanations in order to protect the students of many things.

  6. cont..
    and of course I can't explain a lot here in youtube.
    In any way, I respect your opinion and I wish all the best my friend

  7. robo199617 – not so true, I teach Shaolin and learn from a 34th generation disiple. The truth is, some people may experience chi alot quicker than other, due to life style. For instance, a gymnast has harnessed chi to development a floating body, but may have never practiced chi gong. everybody has chi, some more than others. Amitofo

  8. I just recorded all the vids to my cell phone so i can learn,practice the forms at my own pace…that way i can go back if i misread a hand,foot movement,posture,etc

  9. He is not a real fire duck, my imaginary dog friend said so

    It take 35,67 years to feel the real energy of the universe running trough you body, therefore I'm right

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