Martin WHEELER systema beverly Hills mass attack préparatifs

Then we can use movement for create the keystrokes from there For the moment we are going very slowly just to train it’s to see how much energy is needed to achieve the desired effect there he used a lot of energy and he only touched one We will try to place ourselves when he arrives to have three we place ourselves in such a way that they are aligned to have as much as possible We see that even if they are not touched they must change their directions to continue moving towards him if they are preparing to hit when it’s getting ready to hit it’s still different because they have to get reposition to get to aim to hit him this is just one aspect of the fight for the moment we restrict ourselves for the exercise but another step would be to go there we see that the dynamics is unified it’s like it was an animal instead of being four different animals it is better to use less energy to be able to keep moving you have to be able to dose to get to move the first one and try to move the others but without stopping even to be able to stay mobile if not the other two are on us directly do not be afraid to move with them to keep going inside to fight them we are not going to win this type of multiple attack by retreating you have to understand how to return and by confronting the different people pushing them we will not win if we just go back the defense and the attack it must be the same thing you did not have to be in defense while retreating it must be the same when moving forward

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  1. pourriez-vous nous informer des séminaires et diffuser l'information afin de faciliter la participation des personnes intéressées car vous avez l'air de bien maîtriser ce volet …

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