Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Equipment

In this clip of Warrior Training, we’ll discuss
some of the different tools and equipment that we use in Warrior Training. It’s very
important the different surfaces that we use, and the gloves and the jump rope, they all
have their own purpose. The first thing that we’re going to talk about is the shield. The
shield is a very versatile piece of equipment because you can use it for different strikes
like legs, kicks, you can use it for clinching, for knees, for elbows, for back kicks. So
this is a very, very important tool. We also have the Thai Pads. The Thai Pads are use
for striking, leg kicks, clinching; also versatile. We also have the focus mitts. Those are the
little small mitts that go in your hands. We have the jump rope and then we have the
gloves. And it’s very important to have your own equipment especially your gloves, just
for sanitary reasons. You want to have your own equipment. And if you’re serious about
pursuing Warrior Training, you want to have your own gear, your own equipment. You want
to come in like a professional, your mouthpiece, your gloves and all these different tools,

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