Martial Arts Tips : How to Perform a Punch Pull Technique in Taekwondo

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association and How do you perform a punch pull technique
in Tae Kwon Do? Well the truth is a punch pull technique is pretty universal across
all traditional martial arts. Here is how it works. Let’s first make a distinction.
The way I make a traditional martial arts, it is a beautiful art and it has wonderful
lines, nice lines and when it is executed correctly to me it is beautiful to watch and
it is a movement art and we do it with excellent form to honor that art to honor that tradition.
The opposite side of that is that these punches are typically not as effective as boxing or
kick boxing punches so we want to make that distinction. I love traditional martial arts.
I compete in traditional Kata so this is the push pull technique and this is how it works.
The edge of your body is your body lines. The center of your body is your center line.
All punching in martial arts goes to the center line so with my hands on my hip and keeping
my elbow in as the arm extends, sightly rubbing or just grazing by my body, forward, forward,
forward the last three inches, the wrist, the fist is going to rotate over to the center.
Now when I say the wrist rotate I’m not doing this. I’m not letting the elbow come out,
see when I do that I lose all my power. When my elbow is in I’ve got my body weight behind
that punch so you want to keep the elbow in, let it travel the last three inches, exhale
from low in the stomach and lock it out. To gain added power we are going to use the theory
of equal and opposite reaction. So if I want to throw this punch with a lot of power I’ll
create more power if I have the same weight moving in the opposite direction so I’m going
to replace this hand with this hand at the same time. Straight, karate, Tae Kwon Do punch
twisting at the last motion. Both punches particularly the first two knuckles should
go to the exact same spot, in other words we’re not doing this, we’re doing that, right
down the middle, elbows in, that’s the push pull punch technique from Tae Kwon Do and
all traditional martial arts. I’m John Graden. I hope that helps. Thanks.

12 Replies to “Martial Arts Tips : How to Perform a Punch Pull Technique in Taekwondo

  1. @dakoda94 If you're a second dan than you should know that we you use a sine wave in taekwondo. What he shows is a karate punch.
    Maybe you didn't practice taekwondo for a few years but with the sine wave your punch will have more power.

  2. @dakoda94 i am going to start tae kwon do. but before i start i wanted to do yoga so i can be flexible and also gymnastics so i can take care of my fear of flips LOL. do you mind if you can guide me to my way to a black belt? i am willing to work 110% 😛

  3. The way I feel it is this has something to do with the muscle curvature of the arm. the twist is (in my case) the release of the tension of the arm. adding a little more bite to the punch.

  4. No, the technique… having your hands at your sides can only be a disadvantage when you dont use your hips to throw… as this fellow is not. In fact the whole part about counter-levering with the other hand while punching, that's a waste because his hips and shoulders don't rotate an inch, he dissipates his own potential energy by keeping a rigid form. Think about putting a baseball in this guys hand, it would go about 5 feet, when you throw a punch it should be a lot like throwing a baseball

  5. You don't… it's taught like that because it was taught to them like that. Some classical martial arts have a lot of unnecessary movements, a lot of training follows the forms of practices long lost. As a result of hand-me-down instruction over the years, there is a lot of convoluted, interstitial or missing information in these styles.

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