Martial Arts Tips : How to Kickbox

Hi everybody. I’m John Graden from the Martial
Art Teachers Association and How do you kick box? I’m a kick boxer. I love
to kick box. Here’s some distinction. I came up in a traditional Tai Kwon Do school. And
traditional punches and traditional kicks typically are done for form. In other words,
the form and posture of the punch is what you were graded on in your exam. The form
and posture of the block is what you were graded for in exams. The form and posture
and lines of your kick, notice I kind of held that out there for a second? That’s to demonstrate
the lines. All of that goes out the window in kick boxing. Last thing I want to do is
hold my hand out there and take a picture while this guy’s trying to hit me. So one
of the key distinctions between kick boxing and traditional martial arts is that the punches
snap right back. Some are fire punches so they come right back. Just like I’ve rolled
up a towel, I’m going to snap my buddy with it, it comes right back. That’s the snapping
technique that you’ll see from good kick boxing. The punches snap. And here’s what’s interesting.
When you start to snap your punches people fall down. It takes a lot less effort and
its a lot more effective. Traditional karate teaches you to thrust your punches. Kick boxing
is the exact opposite. Your punches are going to snap. Another distinction, traditional
karate is going to pull the hand back to the hip. This is the ready position. The problem
with that is its not really serving a defensive purpose. My heads open, my ribs are open,
I’m in trouble. So a kick boxer is going to fire that punch, he’s going to use this arm
to shield. See if I open the hand it covers even more of my face. So the punches snap
and the arm has only two jobs to do. Its either firing or its protecting. Its never just kind
of hanging out. See traditional karate is going to be down here. That’s not protecting
anything. I want to protect myself. So here’s a traditional reverse punch, chin up for form,
shoulder down for form, locked balance hand to hip. The kick boxing punch would look like
this. I’ve curled my shoulders up to protect my face, I’ve chunked my chin down, I’ve got
my all the weight tight, I’m going to snap that punch right back. Same thing with the
kicks, they’re going to pop and come back. So in kick boxing we combine the punching
techniques of boxing with the strong kicking techniques from martial arts. I’m John Graden.
That’s kick boxing and I enjoyed the a whole bunch, thanks.

16 Replies to “Martial Arts Tips : How to Kickbox

  1. ok tae kwon do is korean as you already know its not karate when you extend that kickboxing punch and lean forward you throw your own balance own your front leg and lose that weapon maybe bend at the knees and then work staying up right then work the snap.

  2. the best offence in a fight is, to stun and get away, (there are many good techniques, that are easy to find) in KB you simply mix martial arts with boxing, its not supposed to look pretty it is supposed to hurt. not knocking martial arts but it seems like they care more about looks than substance. you ALWAYS want to block, and you ALWAYS want to strike, there are no free hands or free legs theyre all doing something

  3. @Nightmareske

    what this guy is saying about karate is about its basics , in real karate fights no one pull the punch back to the hip . they come back to the guard position . and karate punches ARE MORE EFFECTIVE THAN THESE PUNCHES THAT HE DOES

  4. @sharathep agree, this is just basic forms not how we train to fight hes a black belt and talking like thats the way you would fight for real, cant believe he said that

  5. True. But it's a great intro video for those who were raised in a more traditional method. He hits on 2 major differences.

  6. Not very clear. Although the unch does snap back to your face, it makes contact with your opponent with a "thrust" type of technique.

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