Martial Arts Tips : How to Choose a Good Martial Arts School

Hi everybody I’m John Graden for the Martial
Arts Teachers Association and How do you choose a martial arts school? That’s
an interesting question. You’re not really choosing a martial arts school, you’re choosing
a martial arts instructor. That the key. I want to go watch classes. First of all I want
to make sure I know what my goals are or the goals that I want for my child. Is it to get
a black belt? That’s usually a really good goal. Is it to increase discipline, self control,
self confidence? Also really good goals. Typically you get that by pursuing the black belt. So
you enter martial arts school with the idea you’re going to train for three to five years
to earn your black belt. That’s how you maximize the experience at a martial arts school. So
then how do we choose that school? I want to sit and watch the classes. I’m looking
for how does the instructor interact with the students. Are they a good teacher? Are
they personable? Are they walking the talk of respect and courtesy? Are they in good
shape? Do they look the part? Is this a role model I want for my child? Every martial arts
school is different. So the style is not as important. In other words is it a kung fu
style, a tae kwan do style, kempo, karate, kick boxing. That’s not that important. The
only style that matters to me is the teaching style of the instructor. So I’m going to watch
his beginning classes and I’m going to make sure that I’m dealing with a really good teacher.
Someone who’s personable, explains things well, paces the class, has good classroom
management, the classes are safe, professional. I like to see them as a member of the Martial
Arts Teachers Association, because that indicates to me that here’s an instructor who is staying
abreast of current trends in the industry. He’s studying to become a better instructor.
He’s not sitting on his laurel’s of the past, he’s looking forward into the future and creating
a better future for his students. Then I want to watch the advance students. Are they impressive.
Are they in shape. Are they respectful. Are they disciplined. Do they line up. So I’m
not interested in the guys trophies, I’m not interested in his history or what he’s done.
I’m interested in what he can do for me. I’m interested in what he or she can do for my
child. So I get that by talking to those students, talking to their parents, visiting the school
a variety of different times. You do not want to choose a school because it’s convenient
and close. You do not want to choose a school because it’s inexpensive. There’s a reason
it’s inexpensive. When you’re talking about something as serious as training your child
or training yourself in the martial arts, you want the most qualified instructor you
can get. So this is not a commodity. You’re not going out trying to buy the Canon HV20
camera that’s going to be the same wherever you get it. Every school is different because
every instructor is different. So it’s kind of like choosing a private school for your
child. That’s how you view choosing a martial arts school. I’m John Graden I hope that helps.
Come see me at, thanks.

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  1. His videos don't get that many views, but what he says is better than what the others do in their expert village videos. A true master. I deeply respect him.

  2. This is my own opinion. I feel out of all the martial arts instructors where I'm from, the ones that competed and won championships have a far superior technique that the ones who learned it for recreation. But I may be wrong.

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