Martial Arts Side Kick Lat Recruitment Arm Position Side Kick Variation For Martial Arts

Martial Arts Side Kick:
Hello I am Paul Zaichik
Founder of ElasticSteel
Method of Athletic Conditioning Today I am going to answer two questions
you can’t answer one without answering
the other one when you throw a kick a side line kick
side kick for instance should your arm be here or out there
where should your arm be and what is easier when you kick to keep your arm out here or to keep it
here when you kick Martial arts the parallel question
to that is what your lats do
when you throw side line kick EMG studies show lats are active during
side line kicks hook kick roundhouse kick side kick and emg study show very strong activity of the lats during muay thai roundhouse kick
and I was talking about that previously so we have styles that extend the arm
during the kick throw the kick leave the arm there during the kick
or throw the back fist and
side kick at the same time we have martial arts style
styles where the arm stays up
here side kick is thrown and nothing else what is easier when you kick
to keep the arm out there or to keep it here of course it’s easier to keep the
arm out there reason number one counter balance martial arts the more you have there
and the less weight you have
learning away from the kick that’s the reason number one you have to be more advanced
martial arts kicker to throw the kick hit a target
and not move the arm or point the arm it helps to point the arm
at the target when you kick
besides the counter balance factor reason number three is the
lat position or lat length bring the arm from here to here at the shoulder its about ninety degrees
you lats can’t really pull from here you lats can’t pull from here
when you kick
it has nothing to pull against
it’s really short to be able to pull by extending your arm out they can
pull and assist side line kick
they pull the pelvis into that position and they bring
your shoulder to your pelvis help to keep your body up
during side line kick so of course when your arm is there it’s easier to throw that kick can you throw an effective
martial arts kick without
your arm being out there
ofcourse you have to do is to teach your lats
how to contact in shorter position you have to teach other
muscles to compensate for
the lats when kicking kicking is a new position for
everyone who tries it
and the body tries to use as many muscles as possible
to keep the torso up during the kick
especially if you model after you martial arts instructor
who teaches the kick with torso up if you did the kick like this
than lats would not engage people ask me what is my personal
opinion what the best hand
position during the kcik ideally you hand should be independent
of the legs if you really need to generate power and
you know that your target is secure your foe is retreating
is out of balance is tire
or is hurt you want to deliver a powerful kick
you can use your arms to swing
the kick a little bit more and deliver more power with
the kick however in all other
situation I believe the arm should move independently
of the leg and leg should move
independently of the arm I would not condition a
kick to have a mandatory arm action for instance I see some people do it
nothing is wrong with
it’s how they do it something I would not do martial arts for instance the side kick
and they do that that become an automatic
arm action for the kick or the arms comes up and the
side kick is thrown while
the arm stays there in conclusion your arm should not
be in the same position all the
time because that’s also give away the position to some degree however you should be able throw
the kick
independent of arm movement I am going to talk to you about
that in the upcoming videos I am Paul Zaichik
thank you for watching
Martial arts Kicking

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